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Hi, I'm Belinda :)

Wife. Mom of 3. Strategist. Lover of People. Lover of Life.

I help people turn their passion for sharing into more money.

If there is one thing I've learned as a sales executive selling millions of dollars worth of services, it's that you have to go after what you want. When you do, AMAZING things happen. 

I want amazing things to happen for you, too.

With dozens of contacts within the industry, I've asked the questions you want answers to from some of the world's most prestigious brand reps, like:

What makes you pay one influencer versus another?

What makes you want to work with one influencer versus another?

How can I get on a PR list and get a brand to notice me?

How can I solidify myself as a thought leader in the industry?

I know the answers to all of the above because I've sought out and forged relationships with industry movers and shakers. I know what they're looking for, I know who to call, I know how to get their attention and I know how to get them to pay.

I share everything I know with the lovely ladies I get to work with and those who read my blog/subscribe to my newsletter.

I'm your internet big sister- the one who will give you the advice that you need, the direction that you want, and the power to ask for what you know you deserve. 

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