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Hi, I'm Belinda :)

The Influencer Branding Strategist behind

As an Influencer strategist, I work with Bloggers and YouTubers who want to take their craft seriously.

I'm obsessed with social media, social influence, beauty products and reality tv. I also love helping people and this is how 'Belinda Laurie' was born.

I've been selling at an executive and retail level for over ten years. I've dealt with the kind of people who sign deals worth millions of dollars. It was my job to show them that the company I worked for deserved some of those millions of dollars. I sold $10, $50 & $100 items to people who walked into my retail store. In both types of scenarios, I had to build trust and show value.

Part of being an influencer and Content Creator is being able to pair strategy with effortless sales and relationship building skills to create a sustainable action-plan and business.

Because, at the end of the day, if you want to be noticed in the sea of Influencers and Content Creators out there, you're going to have to pair your amazing content with solid business strategy. 

If you want the types of opportunities that your favourite influencers get you can either:

Wait another 3-5 years for brands and your audience  to stumble upon your page and notice your brilliance


You can learn from someone who specializes in working with Content Creators to develop cohesive and comprehensive branding strategies that not only get them to harness the power of the Influence, but on track to actually make an income from working with brands and creating opportunities for yourself.

Grab some of my free resources over here, read about how you can work with me one-on-one here, or read my blog here.

Belinda went to the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada studying Sociology & Psychology. After school, she ended up in the world professional executive level sales and account management, partnering with large household names such including: Toyota, Roots Canada and Apple.

Most days, you'll catch her with her hair up, coffee or tea in hand, wearing a comfy t-shirt with a snarky slogan, complimented by mascara, lipstick, and a little bit of blush if she's feeling fancy.

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