Belinda Aramide

Who you are matters and who you present yourself to be online matters, too.

When you show up online you give people a chance to get to know you. You give them a chance to learn from you. You give them a chance to see how you can help them crush their business goals and hit their KPIs - how YOU are going to become part of their story.

Salesfluence™, my signature sales methodology, is the art of bringing influencer-style strategies into the B2B sales process. It’s about helping you do what influencers seem to do effortlessly: sell yourself without being sales-y.

I am Belinda Aramide and I’m a sales and personal branding strategist. I came up with the term #Salesfluence™ after working with influencers for years. Studying them, understanding them, and helping them. One day it dawned on me that if people used Influencer style tactics in the business-to-business sales space, they’d be able to sell more and sell more easily.

Today, I after spending 10+ years as a professional, business-to-business sales executive selling into the Fortune 1000, I teach service-based business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales executives how to leverage the power of their personal brand in the content creation process so they can warm potential clients, reduce objections and increase the number of inbound leads they receive.

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