Belinda Aramide

Hi, I'm Belinda :)

Wife. Mom of 3. Strategist. Lover of People. Lover of Life.

Combining my Business-to-Business (B2B) Sales and Digital Marketing experience, I've developed a framework to bring influencer marketing strategies into the B2B sales space. I teach sales teams, sales executives and business owners how to leverage the power of their personal brand and the content they create to warm prospects to their products/services, reduce objections and book more sales meetings. #JustTheSteak

Ways we can work together: 1-on-1 coaching | Sales Team 1/2 Day Customized Workshops | Self-Paced Courses

If you're a:

🌟 VP of Sales within a crowded industry

🌟 A Business Owner who wants to connect with their audience in a way that drives interest for your business

🌟 Sales Manager with reps that keep telling you that it's becoming harder and harder to grab the attention of key stakeholder prospects

🌟 A Sales Executive ready to reduce the number of objections you get from prospects about setting aside time for a meeting

Let's talk.

Email me at: hello {at} and let's figure out how it's best to work together.

Likes include: Starbucks, avocado on toast and sandy beaches. The quintessential millennial and proud of it.