Is Lazy Getting In The Way Of Your Happy?

Most of us are striving towards our version of happy. The route we take to get there varies greatly from person to person, but we're all trying to get to a place where we feel content with where we are and what we've done to get there. 

Many of us know exactly what our version of happy looks like. Whether it involves a career, a family, friends or a combination of both, happy allows us to tend to the many things that make us who we are. 


You see, being happy is not a singular choice. Being happy requires a series of choices. Small choices and big choices that you have to make each and every day. 

And being lazy is more than not doing something. It's choosing not to do something even though you know it's directly and negatively affecting your ability to get to where you want to be in life. It's the excuses that you give yourself that there are other things that are more important than the thing.

Being lazy is choosing the easier thing instead of the right thing. Sometimes, it's doing the dishes because it's a mindless activity than taking the time to plan out blog posts for the rest of the month. Sometimes, it comes in the form of planning instead of executing. Sometimes it's choosing Netflix today, instead of building the future life you want to live tomorrow.

But you know what?

Getting to happy is not easy. For some reason, we've all been sold this lie that the journey to being happy should be easy. If it's not easy, then maybe the thing that we're striving for is not for us. But have you ever thought that the struggle that you go through on your journey to getting to your goals is exactly what you need to go through in order be prepared once you get there?


We've been sold this lie that the journey to being happy should be easy.

Think about Olympic Athletes and all of the literal blood, sweat, and tears that they have to shed on the road to gold. It's not easy waking up at 4 in the morning when the sun is still sleeping and your body is still aching from working out the day before. It's not easy to say no to that piece of cake for the 7th time in three months. It's a painful process that every athlete has to go through on their journey towards becoming the person they want to be.

And this is the mindset that YOU need to have if you're going to accomplish anything in this life.

Accomplishment is something that you have to EARN. It's not something that has anything to do with luck. It is directly correlated to how hard and smart you work. No matter how talented you are, you can't wake up and achieve. You must go forth and get what you desire. Go forth and put the foundation in place so once you get what you desire, you can handle it. You can nurture it and you can keep hold of it. 

Make sure that you're working hard doing the right things, not just working hard in general and you'll start to see the results that you desire. 

How do you do that?

Working smart means you are hyper vigilant about where you 'spend' your time. If you have an hour of time in which to do something, what are you going to do with it? We all have a lot to do each and every day, but a lot of us are using our time on tasks that keep us busy but don't get us closer to where it is that we want to be.If you need some help working smarter with limited time resources, I've created a worksheet just for you. It's designed to help you figure out how long things take you to do and then find the time gaps in your week so you can make time in your schedule to start accomplishing your goals. Whether it's to be a social media influencer, work on selling your new t-shirts or to be a more time-efficient stay-at-home mom, this worksheet is designed to help you stop wasting time and start being more effective in what it is that you do each and every day.

You have the time to do the things that you want to do, you just have to figure out where that time is on your schedule.

How can you do that?

I do this by figuring out how much time each activity takes me that I need to get done. For example, taking photos for Instagram may take me an hour. Or cooking an apple crumble takes 15 minutes of prep time before it can go in the oven. By knowing how long these things take me, I can better put them into my schedule because I have an idea of how long something will take me versus how much time I have. I lower how much stress I have because I'm no longer trying to cram a 45-minute action into 30 minutes. I feel more in control of time and ultimately my life because I'm spending the limited time I have more efficiently and not fighting with the limitations that there are. 

Success is something you have to earn - final 2.png

If after doing this, you still find that you don't have enough hours for the list of things that need to get done, you don't need to just prioritize, you need to delegate. Either decide which things really aren't a priority, or figure out people who can help you get the things that need to get done, done. Maybe your partner needs to help more picking up things around the house or you can no longer go to yoga, pilates, and spin class. Maybe you need to pay someone to bring in a babysitter for a few hours a week or get a friend to watch the kids so you can focus. 

Asking for help is not easy, but taking the path of least resistance is lazy. Don't let lazy get in the way of your happy.

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