Here's How To Get Your Content Creation Mojo Back

You stare at your computer, your notebook or that random spot on the wall. 

You're stuck. And you don't know how to get out of your content creation rut.

You love posting on your Blog, YouTube Channel, Instagram account ... but for some reason, you're having a hard time finding new and fresh ideas. You know what your 'niche' is. You know what you 'should' post but for some reason...nothing comes to mind. You're stuck.

Creating engaging and interesting content is the cornerstone for any creator. It's what invites newcomers to stay around for a bit longer and keeps those who have been dedicated to you, dedicated. Creating this content can be exhausting, no matter how passionate you are about the subject manner behind your content creation, burnout happens and it's very real. 

So what can you do when you hit this wall? How can you continue to make audience-worthy content that will not only keep the viewers that you already have but grow your audience as well?

Interact with the outside world.

If you want your content creation mojo back you need to start interacting with the outside world again. When you first started creating content, you had a life outside of creating content. Your life didn't fit into your YouTube/Instagram/Blogging schedule, you created space for content creation in your everyday life. 

Ask yourself these questions:

When was the last time you did something in your free time that wasn't for the benefit of your Blog/YouTube Channel/Instagram?

When was the last time you did something that wasn't an errand?

When was the last time you did something that wasn't a part of your day job?

When was the last time you did something that you didn't plan on featuring on your Blog, Instagram feed, or in a Video?

It's so easy when you're powering through life, jumping from one goal and to-do list item to the next, to stop doing the things that will help inspire you to create.

The other day, I was reading an article from the Harvard Business Review that talks about the necessity of recharging. That we live in a day and age where we try to cram as much work as possible into every nook and cranny of our lives. Whether it be finishing up an email on a plane ride back home, or jotting down answers to the next day's questions at 2 AM in the Notes app on our phones...we are constantly looking to get as much 'productivity' out of each and every moment of each and every day. 

That's what we've been bred to think. But it actually makes us less productive. It's stifling who we can become because we're not allowing our brains to recover. The same way the body needs rest from a long day is the same way the brain needs rest from constantly having to shoot on all cylinders all day. 

You may be stuck in a creation rut because you're always creating something. Whether it's for work, or brainstorming ideas for your house renovations, for your blog, or producing new products for your business, you are always creating something and your mind is exhausted. 

So you need to start doing things that have nothing to do with business and everything to do with self-care. You know Netflix and Chill? Yeah, you need to be doing more of that. Trashy Reality TV? It's actually good for the mind because it helps your mind rest. You're not worrying about coming up with another solution to another problem. You're giving your mind the time it needs to relax, recharge and recover.

And you know what will happen once you've given your mind time to recover? You'll find that content starts to come to you. The creation process is easier because you have a rested body and mind. 

I used to be like you. At times, I am still like you. But I have to remind myself that I'm not meant to go 24/7. I'm not meant to be firing on all cylinders, all of the time. Rest is a good thing. Rest is a necessary thing. Not just for my mind, body, and spirit. But for the continuation of my business. For the longevity of my relationships. And for the sanity of my family. 

Because I don't know about you...but being overly stressed and mentally exhausted hasn't ever yielded me positive results.