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As a Blogger, there are a ton of products and services available to make your blogging life not only better but more effective. These programs below will not only help drive traffic to your blog, but they will help you keep on top of many of the things that bloggers need to get done. Even better, everything listed is either free or has a free version that at least allows you to try it out and see how you like it.

The Tailwind App |

Pinterest is a view getting MACHINE. I know you've read the posts all over the internet about how amazing Pinterest is at getting traffic to blogs. But just like SEO, you need crawl before you walk and that means understanding how it works. I wrote an article about 8 things you need to know as a Pinterest beginner so go and give that a read if you feel overwhelmed by the platform. Once you understand how to create Pins and Pin those Pins to boards, you then need to understand that you need to Pin a LOT in order to get the kind of traction that people are talking about. I'm talking 40+ pins a day, every single day. No exception. Apps like Tailwind are the only way to get there without literally losing your mind. It's essentially a scheduling app, but once you put in 30 minutes at the beginning of the week or an hour at the beginning of the month, you can literally plan out your entire Pinterest Pinning Plan and just set it and forget it. Tailwind is really easy to use. Their tribes are AMAZING for getting your content in front of a lot of eyes and being able to only have to deal with Pinterest Planning once a month has been the most amazing blessing. Anything to save time, right?

Recur Post |

This app does what Hootsuite and Buffer can't which is post your evergreen content on repeating and recycling basis. Recur Post updates your calendar once a day and chooses from the set of posts that you've put into the program automatically posting at the best times for the chosen social media platform. If you've had the chance to read this post about how to promote your content effectively, you'll know that you have to consistently post your content so that people have the opportunity to discover it, read it, and fall in love with it. Recur Post does this all for you and get this, at the time of me writing this post, you can get the basic plan which allows you to promote on up to 3 social media networks for FREE. If you've ever wanted to try Meet Edgar or Coschedule but can't afford to make the jump, Recur Post is what you've been looking for. 

Hootsuite/Buffer |

I love Hootsuite & Buffer and use them interchangeably for the most part. I find that these programs are best for updates that are time specific. For example, if you've written a post about your favourite fall clothing pieces, you probably only want that content promoting on your social feeds for a few weeks. Hootsuite & Buffer are great for scheduling things like that without having to worry that your fall clothing piece is going to be promoted in the middle of winter. I suggest sitting down at the computer and scheduling out a few tweets here and there for Buffer or Hootsuite to publish on your behalf throughout the week to help increase engagement on your social media platforms as well as help keep you active on your social accounts when you're not always able to be. Great ideas for things that you can schedule using Hootsuite & Buffer:

- flash sales and deals
- cute gifs of baby animals (seriously, people love this stuff!)
- tips and tricks that will allow you to present yourself as an expert in your niche
- interesting articles that are related to your niche and will be helpful/useful or interesting to your audience

The SnapSeed App |

This app is so good I would easily pay to keep to using it. If you've been looking for an app that will make your pictures brighter, whiter and just overall more crisp, vibrant and have better clarity - this is the app that you've been looking for. We've all taken photos that we wish had better lighting or where we'd like the colours to stand out a bit more. Snapseed allows you to salvage less than ideal photo-taking situations so you're not in a constant state of 're-taking' your photos. As I change directions a bit with my Instagram strategy and use the platform to share a more personal side of myself, taking photos and editing them in this app has helped me get the look I've been aiming for. Available for both Apple & Android.

Grammarly |

If you are a blogger, you need this web browser extension (available for Chrome, FireFox, Edge, Safari). Period. Once you have it installed, as you're writing your 500+ word masterpieces, you no longer have to worry that you'll publish something where the sentence structure doesn't make sense, or you'll misspell half of your post. Grammarly is the less annoying version of having some proof-read your content in real time so you can stop worrying about looking like a sloppy writer and more on creating content that is both kick ass and valuable.