5 Things No One Really Tells You About Being A YouTuber

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A couple weeks back, I wrote a post about getting more views on YouTube. Right now with the way my life is set up, I'm not able to film videos the way I used to, but when I was able to, it was something that I really enjoyed. 

There are a few things that I wish people told me about when I knew before starting my YouTube channel. Not that knowing these things would have changed my mind about starting, but I think it can come as a shock to people who really have no idea what they're really getting themselves into.

By the end of this post, you won't only know the 'other' side of making YouTube videos. If you already make YouTube videos, let me know if you can relate to any of these!

Editing can be really hard |

It's one thing to have to learn how to use editing software (don't even get me started with trying to figure out which editing software to use...oh my goodness!) but it's also not easy having to learn how to edit yourself. Sitting in front of your computer trying to get used to the sound of your voice or realizing that there is some random noise in the background of your video that you now have to figure out how to mask or make less audible can be exhausting.

But the great thing about editing is that you really do get better at it as time goes on and you hate hearing the sound of your voice less and less...lol

Being a YouTuber takes a LOT of TIME |

Holy cow. From having to set up your camera, tripod, lights if you have them...to gathering everything that you need to film with.  

Then you have to get ready to film which usually involves doing your hair and makeup PLUS making sure you at least have a decent shirt on (this gets WAY more complicated if you doing multiple, full-body scenes *faints*).

Once you've taken the time to film (which always is much longer than what the final video length is), you have to put everything you used to film away and eventually start editing. Which for most people takes hours.

None of this includes the time it takes to get the video ready for upload on YouTube, tagging the video, promoting the video, creating thumbnails, choosing music that won't be flagged for copyright, etc. etc. 

I go over all of this because getting video content up onto YouTube takes a tremendous amount of work. If it's not something that you've ever done before, I can guarantee that you underestimate how involved and time-consuming everything is. I'm getting tired just thinking about it...

You Can Pay To Get Your Video Shown As An Ad |

Ads are not just for big and small businesses on YouTube. Anyone can run a video or image-based ad having their video content exposed to a massive audience. This is done through Google Adwords and you can start with something as small as $10 a day to see how it works out for you. I know a lot of people focus on getting people to find their content 'naturally' but if you really want to increase the speed to which people find your content, testing out Google Adwords as a way to give your videos and channel exposure to a much bigger audience (faster) is something you may want to consider. There is no shame is putting money into the advertising of your channel...your next set of subscribers just need to know you exist and running Ads advertising your channel is a great way to get some really good exposure on the crowded platform.

You need research which keywords you're going to use |

This one is really huge. A lot of the time people don't utilize the keyword/tag section effectively enough and it has a huge impact on the visibility of your videos. Underneath each video, you are able to put up to 500 characters worth of keywords describing not only what your video is about, but the kinds of words and phrases that people may use that they can find an answer to in your video. Use as many tags/keywords as you can to maximize the likelihood that your video will be ranked high not only in YouTube search rankings but so that it can be readily suggested next to other youtube videos on the platform. 

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Consistency is your Best Friend |

YouTube is a lot of work and being consistent is something you're going to need if you're going to be successful. Not just consistent in how often you upload (which helps, it helps a lot) but consistent in how you do everything. From where you film, how you film and when you film +*/to how you edit and how you fill in your description box. It's important to be consistent because consistency will breed good habits that will help you be able to continue to create content on a regular basis.

After making videos for over year and watching YouTube long before people were making money on it (circa 2006!), I can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, making videos on YouTube is SO WORTH IT. 

It's been worth every moment of frustration, every tear, every moment of confusion and every moment of almost throwing my computer out the window annoyances. The quality of the people that have become my genuine friends, to the number of people who've said thank you for me making a video...it's made EVERYTHING worth it. The feeling on it's own makes everything worth it and the fact that many people make it their career is even more remarkable. 

This is why I want to help as many people actualize their dreams of being successful on YouTube as possible. Because it's worth it. Because you can make some amazing relationships with people. Because you can gain a lot of self-confidence and self-assuredness. Because you teach yourself how to work through some heavy-duty issues and realize that you can actually conquer anything you put your mind too. This is where Winning On YouTube comes in. It's everything you need to really make your channel grow in ways that you'll be amazed by.


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