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The most successful content creators that want to work with brands need to harness the power of the ‘pitch’ in order to successfully transition from being a blogger that blogs as a hobby to one that blogs for both passion and profit.

As with anything in life, good things come to those who are willing to go out and get them which is why today, I'm going to give you actual ideas of things you can pitch to companies when you decide who you want to work with and how working with them will enrich both of your brands.

When it comes to different niches, the companies may change and the type of content that you pitch may be different, but one thing that remains the same is that brands are always looking for content creators that can:

  1. Show their product/service in a positive light

  2. But just as important, show their product/service in a non-cheesy, natural way that captivates an audience enough to make a move. Whether it's researching more, recognize the product more readily in-store, follow the company on social media or go all the way and make a purchase directly as a result of your post

These are the things that you need to touch on in a pitch so brands will take your request to partner, seriously. How is working and collaborating with you going to benefit THEM and how do you plan to make the benefit to them working with you actually happen (aka the delivery).


So without further ado, here are some ideas for content posts that Content Creators can pitch when reaching out to companies.

1 | Reach out to a company whose product currently helps or did help you overcome something.

When you already have experience with a company, you're able to draw in your positive personal experience into the pitch. Brands want to work with people that they feel will do their brand justice. By sharing your positive personal experience, you give them a good taste of the way you will speak of their product if they decided to collaborate with you in some way. I have had amazing results using Estee Lauders Advanced Night Repair* (see my video here). Reaching out to them would make sense for a creator like me because I've seen such amazing results already.

2 | Reach out to companies that have products that can help with something you’re giving advice for.

For example, if you’re writing a post about how you deal with anxiety, reach out to companies that have products or services that can be useful to people who are dealing with anxiety. If you own a weighted blanket and it’s helped you, reaching out to a brand to see if they want to provide one for you to give to one of your loyal readers or if they’d like to work together on a paid partnership opportunity would be a great way to formulate a pitch. Don't let brands have to do the work of trying to figure out how they can work with you. Walk them through what it is that you want from them, how you want to present it and how your audience would benefit and find your writing useful as well. 


3 | Create a day in the life type post and reach out to your favourite brands to see if they would like to be the feature product. 

A big part of my day-to-day life is tea and coffee. At various points in the day, I'm making a cuppa to help pump me up or wind down my day. A great brand collaboration for a day in the life type post for someone like me would be with my favourite tea company (right now, that's *Tetley - did you know their tea bags tested for the least amount of pesticide in tea bags in Canada? *not sponsored* haha). I'd be able to go about recording my day-to-day life uninterrupted by a sponsorship because it's a regular part of what I'm already doing in my day. 

When reaching out to a brand. Let them know that again, you love their product, already use it in your day-to-day life and ask if they would be interested in partnering for a future post so you can share your love for their brand and product with your audience. 

A few best practices:

Make sure that you keep your audience in mind before reaching out to a brand. Think of brands that would be a natural fit for your brand and something that you would think of sharing with your audience whether a brand decided to partner with you or not. Your audience is your bread and butter. Don't do an unnatural collaboration that risks putting a sour taste in your audiences mouth that turns them away from you permanently. 

Be prepared to be flexible. A brand may want to work with you for a post that you want to go live in November but they want the post to go live in January. Just know that you won't necessarily be calling all of the shots even though it is your space on the internet. If you want to partner with brands, understand that your timeline is the one that will most likely do the moving. 

Get creative. A really great way to stand out with a brand pitch is to come up with something unorthodox. If you have a parenting blog, maybe you reach out to a car company to see if they want to partner with you for an upcoming family weekend trip you have planned. 

Make sure you follow up. Your first pitch may fall on deaf ears. It may be read and then totally forgotten about (often times inadvertently). Make sure you follow up with every email that you send and phone call that you make. It shows that you're diligent and it's what it's going to take to get brands to really take you seriously. Do you know how many times I've been thanked for following up because things got so crazy and they meant to get back to me but totally forgot to? At least 40% of the time. 40% of the time I'm being told THANK YOU for being attentive. THANK YOU for making my job a bit easier. THANK YOU for not letting this fall through the cracks. Not following up is leaving opportunities on the table. Always follow up when you don't hear back from someone you send a pitch to!

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Pitch Ideas | Simple Brand Pitch Ideas | Brand Pitch Template | Brand Collaboration Proposal