The Beginners Guide To Getting More Views On YouTube

How To Get Lots Of YouTube Views | How To Get More Subscribers On YouTube | Get Real YouTube Views

You may not know this, but I used to make YouTube videos. For years before I finally bit the bullet and uploaded my first video I researched, read, listened to and learned as much as I possibly could about being a successful Influencer (long before influencers were called influencers). So if you've ever been curious about where I get all of my knowledge from, it's from literally being in the game and researching and learning from others for years. Speaking specifically about YouTube, I've learned a lot from watching one of my videos get over 10,000 views in just a few short days when some of my other videos barely got over 100. 

With that being said, by the end of this post, you'll understand the basic things necessary to create a strategy for your channel that will lead to more views. As with anything, nothing is guaranteed, but by applying at least some of these tips and tricks, you should see an improvement in the views that you get, video after video. 

Being a successful YouTuber will require you to have a passion for more than just the things you're sharing on video. You need to love learning about your craft. Learning about filmography, cameras, editing and the like (this is part of why I no longer make videos and have decided to now share my knowledge with as many people as I can). Because being a successful YouTuber will mean that you will constantly be learning. The fact that you're here, reading this post shows that you have the underlying passion beyond just filming and uploading that you need to be successful.

1. Create content that people actually want to see | 

It doesn't matter how great your editing skills are or how passionate you are about what you're talking about. If OTHER people aren't curious or have a need for the information that you're sharing, you won't get views. When creating content that you want a lot of views on, you have to consider whether your video content is content that a large number of people would be interested in. The more people that are looking for the content that you're creating, the more views you will naturally get. Talent and passion alone aren't enough. Your video subject matter needs to be in demand.

A great way to figure out what kinds of videos people are looking for is to look in the comment sections of larger YouTubers videos and see what people are requesting. Chances are people are asking for reviews of a particular product or more information on a particular subject matter. Grab a pen, write down their suggestions and figure out how you can create content that adds value to the conversation. 

With that being said, once you have a larger number of subscribers and people who are excited about new content from you, you'll already have a base of people who get notified of your new videos so you can create more and more creative content that isn't necessarily what people are 'searching' for. 

2. Make sure you're using the right keywords to get people to watch your videos |

KEYWORDS ARE EVERYTHING! Like Pinterest, YouTube is a search engine. So much so that it's the second largest search engine after Google. The YouTube creator world nearly lost it's mind when the algorithm changed late last year. People's views started to tank and there was a collective sense of panic from the largest of channels to the smallest. I personally did notice a bit of a change in my views but was able to correct it for the most part by using the appropriate keywords (and following the other tips in this post!). 

If you want your videos to get views you have to use keywords, very specific keywords targeting exactly the kind of person looking to see your video. Single keywords and key words that are 'long tailed' (keywords that are a few words in length - ex. how to wing liner). There is a limit of 30 keywords that you are allowed to list for your video and I suggest that you use them all. Think of all of the ways people can possibly look for the content within your video. If you talk about lipstick, mention the brand, the formula and the company that you purchased it from as a start. You never really know how people are wording their searches so give your video the best chance possible by giving it really good keywords.

Another place for you to type in long tailed keywords is in your description box. Tie in phrases that you think people will search for when looking for content like yours naturally into the description box explaining your video as a way to help the YouTube algorithm figure out who to suggest your video to and where to categorize it in its search function.

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3. Don't get overly creative with your video titles |

This is one place where your creativity will hurt you more than it helps you. As I've mentioned, when someone is deciding whether they want to watch *your* video, you need to make it EASY for them to decide that *your* video is exactly what they'd been looking to watch. Let's say you have a video where you review the best liquid lipsticks for people with dry lips. I suggest naming it something like: The BEST Liquid Lipsticks For People With Dry Lips. When someone looks at the title of your video and they have dry lips, they will immediately know that YOUR video was made specifically for them and will take the time to check out what you have to say. 

4. Create custom thumbnails that stand out|

When someone is searching for something to watch on YouTube, your video title and thumbnail are critically important. Take the time to create thumbnails for your videos that don't look like everyone else's. Maybe you use text that really stands out, or your background helps your video stand out because it's a bright colour. Having custom thumbnails that really stand out will draw people's eyes to your video and increase the likelihood that they will click on it and watch! Canva, PicMonkey & Luna Pic are great options for creating really great looking thumbnails for free online. For reference, thumbnails should be 1280x720 pixels and under 2GB in size. Update: PicMonkey is no longer free :(

5. Be apart of the community |

When I first started making youtube videos, I commented mainly on larger channels and people that I'd been following for a while. After a while, I decided to seek out videos from smaller YouTubers that created quality content that I really liked and started to support them. I commented on their videos regularly and I dedicated time each and every day to find as many smaller YouTubers that I could to support. I liked their videos and left genuine comments after taking the time to watch their videos. Soon, a lot of them started mentioning me in their videos which would give my channel even more exposure to a broader audience (my views and subscriber count went up, too).

Another thing that I did that I found helped me retain viewers on my videos was to engage in a conversation with the people who left comments. I would ask them a question or something like that to keep the conversation going in my comment section. The new YouTube algorithm favours videos with lots of comments relative to views so it's something that also helped my video ranking. Say more than just 'Thank You!' when someone takes the time to leave a comment on your page. Try to get to know them a bit like or help them by giving them a bit of extra information that you didn't mention in your video. Yes, this takes u more time, but it will increase the number and quality of people that watch your videos and ultimately subscribe. 

Which tip are you going to try to help you get more views?

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How To Get Lots Of YouTube Views | How To Get More Subscribers On YouTube | Get Real YouTube Views