How To Grow Your Twitter Following

I really like Twitter. And now that I use the platform more socially, I enjoy it even more. I've built real relationships with people thanks to the platform and when I promote things on Twitter, they respond and they read. My Twitter audience is really responsive even though it's not the biggest. So today, I want to share how I grew my audience and how I plan to continue to grow it in the coming months.

One thing I want to mention before I move forward is this: don't feel the need to focus on growing all of your social networks. Find the ones you LIKE and get good at them. It's not possible, on your own, to be a master of all of the platforms. So pick 2 or 3 social networks to focus on and focus on growing them. Don't stress yourself trying to be all things to all networks. Save yourself the aggro and choose quality over quantity. 

Alright, back to Twitter and how I've grown and plan to continue to grow it.

I have a really modest following on Twitter. But they are responsive, they are intuned, and they click through to my content. They listen to what I have to say but even more than that, they are really fun! Enough of that though, let's talk about how you can grow your following on Twitter.

Join Twitter Chats |
Twitter Chats are hosted on Twitter by individuals where a series of questions are asked to the audience via a particular hashtag. They are hosted at a particular time of the week, every single week and generally follow a particular topic. Whether it's beauty, advertising, car talk, or relationships, there are Twitter Chats to cover every topic and every niche. Twitter chats are a great way for you to get to know people, for other people to get to know you and your brand, and for you to learn some new things, too. The best way for you to get the most value out of these chats is to not only answer the host but follow along with what others are saying, too. Respond, react and retweet. Be a part of the chat community and the community will respond in kind. 

Now, you may wonder how to find these communities. A lot of the larger Twitter accounts in your niche will host weekly Twitter Chats. So check out their profiles and they'll list those details there. This website here and this website here list out a bunch of Twitter Chats that you can get involved in. I also really enjoy AdWeeks Twitter Chats.

How do you 'follow along' to a Twitter Chat? All you need to do is find out what the chat hashtag is and search for it live during the chat. Good chat hosts will be continuously retweeting what the community members say, so that's an easy way to follow along as well. Also, people will respond to the series of questions, so just click into the original tweeted question so you can see the responses. 

Twitter chats are a really great way for people to see that you have something of value to say. So make sure you set time aside to actively participate so you can actually get something out of the time you put in. 

Post things of value to your audience |
Don't just use Twitter as a way to promote your content. Use it as a way to help elevate others. Share content that isn't yours. Retweet the tweets of the people that you follow (or don't follow but the tweet is fun or interesting!). Like tweets. Share funny pictures. Let people know of your positive and not so positive experiences. Twitter is just an awesome way for you to mix a bit of personal and professional together in an interesting way. Join in on conversations if you have something of value to share. Twitter is an open platform. It's really the only place on earth where you can comfortably join in on a strangers conversation lol! Be apart of the community and while it'll feel weird and awkward at first, I promise you, this is how people will get to know you, check out your profile and ultimately follow you.

Get a bit more personal |
 Unlike Instagram, I feel like Twitter is a place where you can be a bit more unfiltered (no pun intended). People want to see the more human, loose hair side of you so give it to them. Didn't like you Starbucks drink this morning? Let your Twitter friends know! Did you go through something a few years ago and you want to share how you turned a negative into a positive (in 20 or less tweets, anything more than that should be a Blog Post or a Facebook post!), share it! There have been plenty of people who have become Twitter famous for putting out really captivating stories via tweets. Be interesting to follow and people will follow.


Follow people you want to interact with |
I like to follow people I want to interact with and it's paid off. By responding to their tweets, answering questions and sharing experiences, the people I follow will often respond. Once that happens, your handle will be exposed to their followers and people will take the time to check you out. Which brings me to my next suggestion...

Supercharge your profile |
Have a nice clear photo of YOU. People like to see who on earth they are following. So put up a nice clear picture of yourself so people get to see who they're dealing with. Believe me, this helps to build trust with people which goes a long way when they're deciding if you're worthy of a follow. 

In your bio, let people know what you like to tweet about. If you're an Influencer, make sure that you mention what it is that you have ifluence in! Don't be too wordy and be sure to link out to your main landing page. If it's your YouTube page, link to it. If it's your website, link to that.  Here is what mine looks like currently:

Last but not least, TWEET |
People who tweet often get more exposure and the have more followers. Twitter is just like every other platform, if you create quality that's both valuable and interesting, people will follow. So don't be afraid and Tweet away!

Are you a fan of Twitter like I am? Let me know and feel free to follow me!

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