How To Deal With Creative Overwhelm

A big theme on my blog is dealing with overwhelm as is evident in this post, this post, and this post. In large part because it's a fact of my everyday life. As a mom to 3 young kids, wife, entrepreneur, and's a lot trying to juggle it all. 

In the last few months, I haven't done the best job of it. My life was leaning very heavily in the direction of taking care of everyone else around me and it took its toll. Not only personally, but on the momentum, I was building for my business. When life finally calmed down enough for me to start taking care of the areas of my life that I'd neglected a bit, I felt really overwhelmed by it all. I felt like there was almost too much to do and the idea of actually getting it all done seemed like an impossibility.

Oddly enough, I started focusing on less. I started crossing things off of my To Do List before I even completed them. I realized I was taking on way too much all at once. I created something on paper that I'm now sharing with all of you: The Creativity Journal.

To change things up, I started to spend time at the beginning of every month figuring out what the top things were that I wanted to complete for the month, for my creative business. Nothing too specific, but things that I knew I needed to work on with more effort in order to build on for future success and momentum. I really enjoyed doing this because it allowed me the flexibility to try to accomplish more when I knew the month would be less busy or limit the number of creative business goals I set for the month because I knew I was going to be short on time (like last month, when we moved -oy, that was painful lol).

After doing that, I'd set out to work towards those major goals in smaller, incremental daily steps, with the larger goals in mind. One of my goals for this month has been to really focus on publishing quality blog posts again. Some of my daily goals have ranged from brainstorming ideas for blog posts to setting aside the time to actually write said blog posts. From scheduling social media posts to setting aside the time necessary to make social media graphics. All of these things take so much time, but being able to see how any one activity funneled up into a larger goal that I had set for myself has been invaluable. I no longer was feeling overwhelmed because I was limiting how much I was trying to tackle now. 

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But even more importantly, I'm now creating QUALITY content that is getting some really positive feedback. My page views are up. My social media following numbers are up and even better than all of that - I'm MORE creative than I feel like I've ever been. It's an amazing feeling and that's why I decided to spend the time to make a physical version of this method that I can share with all of you.

You see, I'm working on building a business where I help aspiring influencers make better business decisions. A large part of my marketing strategy is creating creative writing pieces that not only provide value to my audience but also showcase my knowledge. A lot of this is dependent on me being in the right frame of mind. I had to figure out a way to effectively stop feeling overwhelmed so I could actually use the limited time I have. 

How can this help you, as a content creator? As an influencer, creating quality content is the cornerstone of what you do. It will draw in the audience that will give you the visibility that will ultimately lead to the brand and PR partnerships you crave. This creativity journal helps me battle that feeling of overwhelm that always stops me from being able to create that quality content and I know that if you used it, it would help you do the same.

Today, I'm making it available, for free download right here. I want you to be able to create with less stress. I want you to create the quality content that you know you're able to create. And just as importantly, I want you to do the things necessary to promote that content in a way that's going to make sure that others see it, too. By downloading your journal, you'll be able to start working on it right away, and you'll also get advice, every single week designed to help you get more eyes on your content. 

Once you've downloaded your copy of the journal, tell me, what's your goal for your influence? What brands do you want to work with? Who are you creating content for?