Overcoming Rejection As An Entrepreneur

How To Deal With Rejection - Belinda Laurie

As a business owner, you deal with rejection when people choose not to buy what you offer or when you release a new service and no one responds...you might as well have sent the email to the neighborhood bunny. 

As a content creator, it feels like rejection when every single one of your 372 followers don’t like your latest post on Instagram or when a brand doesn’t retweet your content even though you’ve been tagging & using their hashtags for months.

Rejection comes in many forms.

Sometimes it’s:

  • People not responding to your outreach emails
  • People not agreeing with your ideas or supporting you the way you thought they would
  • People not clicking and watching your videos or reading your blog posts when you mention them on social
  • People not liking your photos on the gram

How rejection happens doesn’t matter as much as learning how to deal with it. Because feeling rejected has a way of making you want to give up on yourself. And regardless of what your goals are… never let the pain of rejection be the reason why you stop pursuing your dreams of making a profit from your passion.

Rejection is more about timing than anything else |

When someone says ‘no’ or decides not to click on your link, it’s often because they don’t have time to consider what you have to offer or read what you’re putting out there. This is why it’s important to continue to reach out to potential contacts you want to do business with and give people more than one opportunity to decide if they want to watch your video and promote often.

Rejection is how you'll learn to improve |

If you’re putting something out there and no one is responding, use this as a chance to evaluate. Are you speaking to your audience about the things they care about?

Are you speaking to them how they want to be spoken to? Are you consistent enough? Are you providing value in a way your audience/target customer will find valuable? Do you know how to tailor what you offer so your audience sees that they need it in their life/business?

When I personally deal with rejection in business, I take a look at what I'm doing with a fine tooth comb. If I were on the receiving end of this message, would *I* click through? Would I care? Would this be enough to make me stop whatever I'm doing and pay attention? How can I make this offer, this email, this tweet, my presence online better or more valuable to my audience? These are real-life questions that I ask myself when I don't get the kind of results I want from whatever effort I set forth. 

Rejection makes it so much sweeter and valuable to your ego when someone aligns with your message or purchases from you and finally says ‘YES!’ |

Part of what makes success so precious is that it takes time, energy, grit, and determination in order to get it. When you get rejected but decide to keep going despite the disappointment and the pain of it all, the success that awaits you on the other side is worth more than the money that comes along with it. 

Rejection is one of those weird blessings in life that are full of pain but equally full of lessons that will propel you into the life that you want to live because you'll learn the lessons you need to learn.

One of the most important activities that I've personally picked up over the last several months has been journaling. As woohoo as it sounds, journalling through the pain and frustrations that come with growing a business and taking things to the next level has really helped me see the value in every rejection and setback. Seeing these lessons early allows me to pivot quickly and decisively in my business so I can reap the benefits that rejection brings sooner, rather than later. 

If you’ve been dealing with a lot of rejection lately, please, don’t take it to heart. Keep pushing through. Keep creating. Keep looking for the right business clients because they are out there and you’ve got exactly what they need.

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