How To Get A Brand To Notice You On Social Media

Getting brands to notice you is kind of like courting someone. You want to show an interest in the things that they show an interest in. You want to be where they are. And you'll want to make sure that when they do see you, they see you dressed to the nines and looking as hot as ever. You never really know when they're going to take notice of you, so every time could be the first time.. 

In today's Influencer world, getting brands to notice you is similar to being a sales executive for a company in a competitive industry. If you really want to stand out, you need to make sure your brand is visible as much as possible. But even more than that, you need to find a way to differentiate yourself. Differentiation is the key to standing out from the crowd and finally getting noticed. Having a huge social media following will get you that, but who wants to wait on something that you generally don't have a lot of control over day to day?

I'm going to outline ways that you can differentiate yourself in the Influencer marketplace like a true boss so you give yourself the best chance at getting the recognition you know you deserve. 

First, study their social media. |
Brands give away tons of information for how to get their attention on their social media. Look for the tags they use on their photos because those are the tags that they're searching for and want trending as part of their brand strategy.

How To Get Brands To Notice You - an example of a brand hashtag that you can use when posting a photo to Instagram. 

How To Get Brands To Notice You - an example of a brand hashtag that you can use when posting a photo to Instagram. 

Look at the types of photos they are reposting. They will follow a relative theme. Look for things like colours that continue to appear in the eye shadows they're reposting for example. Look at the quality of the photos or the quality of the makeup artistry. If you want to be noticed and reposted by a brand (hello, exposure). Looking at what they repost is going to give you an idea of what it is they're looking for on their feeds.

Have a unique posting style of some sort.|
After a while, all the blended eye shadows look the same. Do something different with yours. Maybe all of your eye looks include the sticker of a unicorn. Or you do pictorials. Of you do really amazing lip swatch pic collages. Or you do amazing lip swatch instagram exclusive video. Do something that not a lot of other people are doing as a way to stand out from the sea of other influencers doing the exact same thing as you. Think of it like Hollywood. There are thousands of REALLY talented influencers out there. Influencers who have cute kids like you, or who have amazing fashion sense, or can do an unreal cut crease. You need to do something other than have talent to get noticed. Do something DIFFERENT so when these social media reps for these brands are scrolling through the gram or on Twitter, they have no choice but to stop and ask 'WHO DIS?!'

If YouTube is your thing, make sure you are tagging them when you're publicizing your video.|
For example, if you're doing a review of Tarte's Shape Tape, when you do a blast on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, make sure that you're tagging the brand and give them a compliment of some sort (if it's a favourable review). For example, you can say something like: 'Just uploaded my review of @Tartecosmetics's Shape tape and SPOILER: IT'S CHANGED MY LIFE!!' Brands want to find people that are wildly excited about their products and will shed a positive light to their brand. By writing something like that, you take the guess work out of the social media person's job to wonder if your video is a positive review. Also! Make sure you have a really good thumbnail that stands out as well. Remember, do absolutely everything you can to get noticed by paying attention to every detail available to you. 

Comment on their content on Twitter. |
If you're on Twitter, be one of the few people who actually responds to what a brand posts. They may not always respond but after a while, they will get used to seeing your name. Once you start tagging them, they will be so used to seeing your name that they'll eventually start taking a look what you create and who knows what opportunities can arise from there!

Create one brand tutorials. |
I always love seeing tutorials showcase a look using products from a single brand. Even better, I love when I see a tutorial where the entire look is created using just a single palette. It prevents me from having to mix and match for things that I don't have and from a branding perspective, I can see the value these one brand only tutorials would have for a company. You see, the goal of any social media coordinator is to showcase their brand in the best possible light. Whether it's from content they create or content they share from within the community. Whether you like it or not, what you create needs to be a good 'AD' for the brand. Brands are only going to feature posts that showcase their products in a way that speaks to their intended audience well AND looks good. The product for the brand you're trying to get the attention of needs to be the focus and single brand tutorials do this really, really well. 

Create something captivating to look at. |
I've come across some really interesting Content Creators that have really drawn me in. Even when what they're posting is an 'AD', I'm intrigued to learn more about what is being featured in the picture/video/blog post/tweet and the story behind the Content Creator behind it. If you want a brand to notice you, think of how you can create a captivating story around the content that you make that will draw people in. Maybe it's a special filter that you use (not a free99 version). Maybe it's a special overlay that you always use. Maybe it's the way you feature your family members in your photos next to the things you talk about. Just do something that's slightly different so you stand out in the sea of photos and video content.

I think it's really easy to forget that the people who decide what gets re-posted and recognized are regular people just like you and I. The major difference is they are inundated with new content to sift through each day and only so many posts they have the time to look at. If you want to stand out from the crowd you have to do something different but on trend with whatever brand you want recognition from. I wish you the best of luck and I know you can do it!


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