How To Get The Attention of Beauty Brands as a Blogger/Vlogger

One of the holy grail moments for a beauty blogger/vlogger is when a brand wants to send them a product. It signifies 'making' it, so to speak because it means a brand rep has not only discovered their content but LIKED it enough to want to work with them.

But how on earth can you make this happen for you?

Well, you can do one of two things.

You can put out content, tag brands and hope that one day, they will see your talent for what it is (amazing) and reach out to you asking for your details so they can send you product.


You can take things into your own hands and reach out to brands yourself. 

It's one thing to tag brands on Instagram or Twitter - but if you really want to stand out, you're going to have to take the time to reach out to brands by email. Today, I'm going to talk about what this is going to do for you as well as list the SIX things you need to do to get brands to notice you. 

Reaching out to brands by email is going to do several things.

First, it's going to show brands that you're serious. Everyone wants free product. But by reaching out by email, you show brands and brand reps that you take being an influencer seriously and you're willing to put in the time necessary to build your brand up in a professional way.

Second, it allows you to take control of the situation. Can you image the number of people who are tagging brands on Twitter and Instagram each and every day? For bigger brands, you're looking at tens of thousands of tags daily. It's hard to get noticed in a sea of tags. Email allows you to bypass all of the noise found on the most popular social media accounts and get brand reps to focus on you, and you alone. Do you know how valuable it is to get a brand to focus on you? Invaluable?

Third, it allows you to highlight your best content. This way, the first time they have a genuine interaction with you - it's in the absolute best light possible. When sending these brand reps emails, you want to include some of your best work, a highlight reel of sorts. If you have a video where you have a good number of views where you're talking about their company, make sure you mention it, the stats included and a link so they can see it. If you have some traction on Instagram, include some of your best photos right in the email so they can see how talented you are and how much people enjoy your content. This is your opportunity for them to get to see a bit more of a wide selection of what it is that you have to offer, versus just a glamorous look or something more artistic when you tag them in a single picture, post or video.

Now, let's talk about everything you're going to need to do if you want brands to take you seriously and get their attention by email.

  1. Have a professional email handle. This is simple but very important, especially if you are a smaller blogger/vlogger. It's all about wanting to present yourself as professionally as possible. Don't give the person you're reaching out to any reason to think that you don't take being an Influencer seriously. 
  2. Address the email to someone by their name. This does two things. First, it shows that you do your research and you take being an Influencer and reaching out this company and person seriously. Second, it helps you build a relationship with the person you are reaching out to because you're treating them like a person, not just another contact.
  3. Don't have any spelling mistakes. If you want them to take you seriously, you need to make sure that you take them seriously. Not having any spelling mistakes will, again, show that you're serious about your craft and dealing with them. Remember, this is your first interaction with them, make sure you leave a good, professional first impression. If you have issues with spelling, use Grammarly! It's free, I use it, and I love it.
  4. Make sure your email is short and to the point. Corporate types are always getting dozens of emails every single day that they need to get through, be understanding of the fact that time is precious and make sure you get to the point of your email quickly. This will make sure that the information that you want the sender to read will actually get read and they can decide if they want to email you back. A lengthy email will most likely not get read and your opportunity gone out the window. 
  5. Make sure that you follow up if you don't hear anything, after a few days. As I mentioned in my last point, people are really busy and sometimes, even with the best of intensions, they just don't get the chance to get back to you. Following up does two things: it reminds them of your initial email if they've forgotten, and, it also gives them a chance to reconsider if they quickly decided against working with you for whatever reason. 
  6. If at first, you don't succeed, try again in a few months. You just never know what is going on at the very time that you decide to email someone. Maybe there was a huge product launch happening so your email was poorly timed. Maybe there was a corporate shakeup so reaching out to new influencers was not a priority at the time that you emailed. Whatever the reason, if your timing is not right, you won't hear back. But you can't give up! You just have to put that company or contact on the back burner for a bit and revisit them in a few months when your timing may be better.

You may be wondering how many times you have to email a brand rep before you get their attention, build a relationship and they decide to send you product. And to be honest, it really depends and will vary from person to person, company to company, even day to day. You will more likely than not, have to reach out to whoever your contact is more than once. Not because they are ignoring you, but because they have a lot going on in their inbox and your email may not have been priority at the time that you sent it. By making sure that you follow up to emails, you re-enforce that you are a serious blogger/vlogger, that you take the opportunity seriously and you give them a chance to even reconsider if they initially may have thought that you weren't necessarily a good fit. 

Now, if you're ready to start formulating your own pitching emails - I've created a FREE 5 - Day, no-nonsense email course that will take you from no PR relationships to being able to build PR relationships like a Boss.