How To Get The Most Out Of Pinterest - 8 Things You Can Do Right Away!

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Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest.

It's a search engine. It's a way to get a lot of traffic to your website or video. But, HOW? That's the elusive question. The platform has changed since its inception in 2010. It's now a powerhouse search engine that boasts over 175 million daily active users. But what are they doing on the platform? By now, you probably know it's more than just pinning ideas for weddings and home decor. People are searching, pinning, reading and watching content but how on earth can that be the reality for YOUR content?

Today, I'll go over 8 things that you should be doing on Pinterest that will both elevate your presence and boost your content on the platform.

Give Your Profile A Boost |

As I mentioned earlier, people are using Pinterest to search for things so it's important that you set up your profile in a way that will boost the likelihood that someone will find you when they're looking for something.

The first thing that you want to do is sign up for Pinterest For Business.  Signing up for Pinterest for business allows you to get back end analytics for the things that you Pin. Learn which Pins are getting the most traction, how many people are visiting your Pinterest Profile, your website, and viewing your Pins. This is helpful for you to identify trends with your content, as well as see the style of Pins that are getting the most traction.

Next, you want to have a descriptive profile write up so people can find you. Include keywords in your name so when people search for the topic area that you specialize in, you'll eventually come up. I included the words 'Influencer Branding' because I want people who are are Influencers to find me. 

Other examples can be something like: Meghan Merkle | YouTube Beauty Vlogger or Beyonce Knowles | Musician & Song Writer. 

In the 'About You' section, take the time to succinctly describe what you specialize in, who you can help, and where they can find you. This is a great way to direct people to your content whether it be your website or another social media platform. It's also important because it will help people decide to stick around and check out your boards. If I'm someone looking for help regarding social media strategy and I stumble upon a Pinterest Profile where the person states that they are a social media strategist, I'm going to take the time to see what they're Pinning because they more than likely will have content that is of use to me. 

Make Sure Your Pins Link Directly To Their Corresponding Content On Your Website. |

This one still pains me when I click on a Pinterest Link and it directs me to the homepage of someone's website. When Pinning content to your boards for your website, make sure the pins will bring the person directly to that content. 

Create Pins For All Of Your Content That Are Pinterest Perfect |

Pins that are long and vertical get seen and clicked on more than Pins that are square. Take the time to create at least one Pin for everything that you Pin from your website that is vertical in nature. 

Blog - Pinterest example.PNG

As you can see, Vertical Pins take up more space on the page grabbing the attention of the person who is searching for content. Having longer pins will increase the likelihood that someone will see your content and click on it to see more. Vertical Pins are also great because they allow you fit more information in a Pin. 

Why is this helpful?

When creating Pins, you want to give people as much reason as possible to click through. Longer Pins allow you to include more than just a photo, you can add text that allows you to briefly describe the content linked to the image that again, will entice a searcher to click through to your content. 

Join Group Boards |

The Pinterest Algorithm took a big shift earlier this year. It went from favouring people with lots of followers to something that is engagement based. Let me explain what I mean in a bit more detail. 

Before, you wanted and needed lots of followers because that was the main way to get your Pins on people's feeds. Pinterest favoured Pins from people who had lots of followers. That's no longer the case. Today, Pinterest favours Pins that get the most engagement. The more clicks and Repins, the higher that Pin will show up in Pinterest Searches AND on your followers feeds. In the past, the Pins on your feed were dominated by the Pins Pinned by the people you follow, today, the Pins you see are the Pins that Pinterest a) predicts will be of most value to you. This is all decided on by the level of engagement on the Pin as an indicator of the value of the content it links out to. Followers are still important, and your Pins will eventually show up on their feeds, but they won't appear at the TOP of their feeds as they have in the past.

This is where Pinterest Group boards come in. Being an active part of quality group boards will increase engagement on your Pins. Quality group boards have people on there who are active on the platform, who visit and share content on the group board, which in-turn, increases that all so important engagement level for a Pin. 

You may be wondering how you can find Pinterest Group boards. One great resource for me recently has been the Facebook Groups that I'm a part of. Another resource is this REALLY handy list from Board Booster where they list all of the best Pinterest Group Boards with great detail telling you how active the board is and the reach of the boards as well.

If you're a Beauty Blogger or Vlogger, you can click here to join my Pinterest Group Board 'The Beauty Collective'!

Follow The 80/20 Rule & Pin Often |

Pinterest is a beast that favours those who Pin often. The weeks where I'm pinning a lot are the weeks that my Pins and Profile see the most action. You may think that Pinning 5-10 times a week is enough, but it's not. You need to be pinning at least 5X that amount and MORE if you really want to maximize your success and visibility on the platform.

Now, you don't go from Pinning once a week to 50 times a day all in one go, so if you're not an active pinner, work your way up. How on earth can you do that while still having a life? There are apps for that. I've been testing out a few and there are two front runners for me, so far. The first is by Tailwind. I've found them to be easy to use, intuitive, helpful and reasonably priced. The have a FREE version which is a great place to start so you can get a feel for how to use their system without having to invest a thing. I've enjoyed using their free version for a long time and they have an awesome Google Chrome extension that makes Pinning and scheduling directly from my website a dream.

If you sign up with tailwind via my invite link, when you're ready to upgrade, you can get your first month FREE.

If you find that Tailwind isn't your jam, BoardBooster is another popular option. At a basic level, BoardBooster does the same thing as Tailwind. You're able to schedule your pins, get backend analytics for how your Pins are performing and help you optimize how your Pins are Pinned so you can make the most of Pinterest. I've found their program to be fairly easy to use as well. Like tailwind, you have the option of paying monthly versus yearly (referral link) and a FREE version so you can play around with it and see if you like the user interface etc. What I really like BoardBooster for is the ability to manage Group Boards and recycle and re-Pin older pins. Let me know if you'd like a comparison between the two platforms and I'd be happy to write a more comprehensive write up on the two.

As for the 80/20 rule, your boards shouldn't only be a promotion tool for your content. Create a profile that is a valuable resource. If your boards are only content related to you and the things you create, it won't be as valuable of a resource to someone as a board that has a collection of valuable things from across the Internet. Be sure to pin things of value from other pinners and websites to your boards when you're filling up your Pinterest content for the week.

Write lengthy, SEO-friendly descriptions for your Pins |

As I keep mentioning, Pinterest is a Search Engine and the way to get your pins in front of people is to make it Search Engine friendly. When you Pin an image from your website, be sure to include more than just the title of the article in the description box. Include a write up with keywords that people looking for your type of information may be searching for, so they can easily find it - and you.

Organize Your Boards Putting The Most Important Ones First |

I recently organized my Pinterest so that my most important boards come first. That means boards that cover topics that I'm trying to become an authority in as well as boards dedicated to housing content from my website. I also 'secreted' boards that no longer fit my brand as well as boards that are more for my personal use. I'm trying to keep that space as professional to the outside eye as possible. 

Make Sure Your Blog is Optimized For Pinterest Pinning |

Be sure to add the Pinterest widget to your site and code that allows people to Pin images from your content. You never know who will be inspired by your content and want to save it for later so make sure it's easy for them to do so. Pinterest Optimized Images on your website will look something like this below when optimized:

The main reason people tell me they don't use Pinterest more is that they don't understand how to effectively use it. I hope these tips help you to create an easier and more effective Pinterest experience for yourself so you can use it to attract people to videos and blog posts.

Also! If you need help promoting your content online, download my Promo Boss Checklist (and read THIS blog post)! It gives you extra juicy ways you can promote your content and get people to really start taking your content seriously.


While you're at it, why don't you pin this post as practice?

How To Use Pinterest For Beginners | Pinterest Explained | What Is The Purpose of Pinterest | Pinterest For Beginners | How To Get More Views With Pinterest