10 Reasons Why Social Selling Isn't Working For You

Often, the easiest sale is the one that happens when a prospect comes to you.

There are many ways that a prospect/potential new customer can find you to do business and social selling is one of the best ways (outside of getting a referral) for that to happen.

If you’ve been trying to sell socially for a while but feel like it isn’t working, these are 10 reasons why it may not be working and how you can turn it around. I’ve done ALL of these in the past so this is a judgement-free zone!

Social Selling How To - Belinda Aramide

You make it hard for people to contact you for business |

This is something that I've fallen victim to myself so there is no judgment here. But I've also been the potential client who has fallen in love with someone's content but when it takes too long to understand or find how on earth we can potentially work together...I'll walk. Every time. When someone is interested in working with you, you want to make it as EASY as possible for them to reach you.


Because people have a lot going on and we have to fight for every moment of a person's attention. Once we have it, we need to maximize it for conversion. And converting only happens if the person can quickly & easily reach out to you.

Places you can put your contact information for easy reach: in or close to the bio section of your social media profiles.

You don't make it clear what you do |

This goes beyond knowing what your 'niche' is. Your niche is who you serve, what you do is HOW you help those within said niche.

People are often vague for one main reason...they want to be all things to all people. That will work against you. When people seek you because they notice you, you want them to quickly and clearly understand if you can or can't help them. When it's a maybe...the assumption often isn't in your favor so make sure in both your communications and your profile, it's VERY clear what you do and you're not leaving people guessing.

You aren't clear about WHO you can help |

Like I said previous to this, being all things to all people online makes it very hard for people to decide if you are for them or not. You want people to say 'yes, THAT's ME' when they read or hear who you help. Allowing someone to self-identify as someone you work with is often the difference between you getting inbound leads and not getting them at all.

It's that critical.

Here, Erin Henry makes it very clear in her Instagram Bio that she helps women.

Social Selling Not Working - Belinda Aramide

You're trying to be all things to all people |

Even Amazon, which is now known for selling just about everything under the sun didn't start out that way.

Same goes for Nike, Apple, and even Facebook. Amazon started out as a book shipping store focused on becoming the worlds largest bookstore. Today, you can find everything from books, to food, to clothing on the e-commerce website. But that doesn't matter...because TODAY Amazon is KNOWN. Yesterday (well, back in 1995), Amazon wasn't known for anything and in order to get known, they were very clear to those who came across their website what they were about...BOOKS.

When people come across your profile...is it clear what you (&/or your company) are all about?

You're not personable |

This isn't a popularity contest but if you want to be able to sell socially, you need to social. You need to have a certain amount of warmth and approachability to your personality so that people want to...appraoch you about business. This also works when you reach out to people to do business, too.

I'm not saying you need to become an extrovert if you're an introvert or vice versa. I'm saying BE yourself but don't be standoff-ish in the way you deal with people online. Be warm. Be friendly. Be open to communicating.

You don't show up for other people on social |

This one is huge.

When people scope you out online, them being able to see how to interact with others makes you that much more human. Allowing them to see how you support others, how you joke with others, how you ENJOY being social on social media helps paint the picture of who you are and whether they want to do business with someone like you.

You're not consistent |

The consistency monster.

Social Selling - Belinda Aramide

People often grimace when they hear 'you need to be consistent on social media to see results' and when that happens, I like to use this example to illustrate WHY it's so important.

You can't expect to see the results of going to the gym regularly by going inconsistently.

Meaning, those who WIN BIG on social are winning because yes, they are really good at what they do but they are also consistent with what they do.

They show consistency in:

  • the quality of their uploads

  • the regularity of their uploads

  • the consistency of their message (meaning, they have a focus in WHAT they talk about and whom they're talking TO)

By being consistent, you give people a chance to know you, get used to seeing you in their feed and learning from you.

When you allow people to see you regularly, it breeds a familiarity that makes people want to work with you.

This is the real value of consistency.

You ONLY talk about business |

Give people a chance to see the WHOLE you.

I know people often say the ‘real’ you but I firmly believe that out ‘professional’ selves ARE the real us…just a different SIDE of who we are. After people watch you for a while or read your posts and see that you’re an expert in your given industry/area, they’re very likely to become curious about what makes you ‘tick’ and what makes you…you. Who you are wholistically is what is going to make you stand out.

Allowing people to see MORE of you allows them to connect with you and separate from the sea of others in your space. Your ‘quirks’ are what make you, you.

You sound like everyone else that's out there |

When you sound like everyone else, it’s easy to be forgotten. It’s easy to be overlooked. Think of it like a crayon box. If there are a box of white crayons in the box and ONE black one…which crayon do you think is going to stand out?

When we find a way to sound different (this is where letting your personality shine works wonders) and behave differently…we allow our message to be that black crayon in a box of white ones.

You don't believe it can work |

Seriously. You can't expect something to work and you don't believe it in. ‘Mindset’ has become a buzzword but unlike other buzzwords, this one is anything but fluffy. The people who come across you online will sense whether you believe wholeheartedly in yourself and what you’re saying or not. It will be reflected in how you show up and it will REPELL instead of ATTRACT those that you can help in business.

If believing in yourself and your work is something that you’re struggling with, find affirmations that you can say to yourself (daily) and surround yourself with people who believe in you and support you. Listen to podcasts and watch YouTube videos that will put you in the right mindset and remind you of your innate greatness. You deserve the greatness you work hard to achieve.

Social Selling Mindset - Belinda Aramide

Which one of these are you struggling with most? Let me know in the comments below and I’d be happy to elaborate how you can nix that struggle in the bud once and for all in the a future article :)

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