How To Successfully Promote Your Content

There is a lot of noise on the internet these days so being able to adequately promote your content is really, really important. It can be overwhelming, especially if you try to do everything. So in this post, I want to share with you some solid strategies you can implement on your own, relatively quickly and easily.

Now, just because I say these things are easy, it doesn't mean doing these things aren't going to take time. One of the cornerstones to how my husband and I have started businesses in the their beginning stages has been this: you either spend time, or you spend money in order to get what you want done - done. There are some pretty cool auto-scheduling companies out there that can really help with the automation process and cut back on the amount of time you spend on promoting your content. Today, I'll be focusing on the free and low-cost options out there, how you can promote your content and describe the strategies you can use to promote your content in a way that will get people to take notice.

Sign up to Hootsuite or Buffer (or both!). |
Hootsuite and Buffer are different sides of the same coin. You fill your cue with content you want their programs to automatically post, on your behalf, throughout the day/month/week. The free versions limit the amount of time slots you're allowed to schedule out in advanced (I believe it's 10 for both). I like and use both of them, although I've been favouring Buffer as of late. It has some really robust power scheduling options that make scheduling out my content for the week a breeze. I've been signed up to Hootsuite for years but only really started using it earlier this year and I haven't looked back. It's so nice not to have to think about promoting my content on a daily basis and just setting aside time to automate the process once or twice a week. 

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One word of caution when it comes to promoting via social media. Social Media is meant to be first and foremost, social. So be sure to pop into your social media platforms that you use/promote on regularly to actually interact with the people who you're trying to promote your content to!

If you're not good at doing that, or if you're really strapped for time. Then I would suggest, in addition to scheduling time for you to promote your content, that you also include things like quotes, fun facts, articles that would be helpful to your audience etc to help break up your timeline so it's not just tweet-after-tweet or Facebook post after Facebook post just promoting your blog posts or videos. Keep things interesting, ya know?

Graphics, graphics, graphics! |
Graphics are so important to social media content sharing. They allow your content to stand out and they can help tell a story when people are more likely to just skim information for context anyways. Take my twitter feed for example:

Which of these tweets stick out to you? People use Twitter for sharing information, quips about their days, and content that they think is interesting. Posts with pictures will always stand out and attaching pictures to the things that you really want people to pay attention to will give your content the promotional boost that they'll need across your social media platforms. 

When it comes to Instagram and Facebook, where people generally include pictures with most posts, I suggest creating graphics that are specifically for those sites and designed to standout in the sea of regularly posted photos. For example, when I reintroduced myself to my audience on my Facebook Page, I purposely used a graphic with a very bright background to standout on people's feeds.

The re-introduction graphic I attached to my Facebook post

The re-introduction graphic I attached to my Facebook post

I wanted to make sure that since I took the time to really communicate to my audience and share with them the changes that have and will be coming down the pike, I had to make sure that the post didn't just 'blend in with the background'. Choosing a bright, solid coloured background photo helped me achieve that goal and I suggest you use colour to help your content promotion efforts almost pop off the screen and grab peoples attention!

To make the most of your graphic creating efforts, I've included a quick list of post sizes for the most popular places to promote your content:

Twitter Post (so it doesn't get cut off or show funny) - 1024px x 512px

Instagram Post - 1080px x 1080px

Facebook Post - 940px x 788px

Pinterest - 735px x 1102px

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Use quotes/snippets from your work to help peak people's interest. |
One thing that I love to do is to take a small portion of whatever it is that I've written and use it as a preview to what I've written in a blog post that I'm promoting. For example, on Facebook, when promoting this article, I plan to take the first several lines of this article and include it in the actual post on Facebook before I include the link. This way, people get a sense, in addition to the title as to what this article is about and if/how it would be worth while for them to read it. As I schedule out more posts to promote this same posts, I'll pull other portions of this article to include as a preview. Why? First, I don't want to be redundant. People hate redundancy. But also because if the first few lines of this post doesn't grab their attention, maybe a different section of it, will. 

Coming from a sales background, I understand that people's first reaction is often 'no'. Heck, my first reaction is often always no, lol. So you need to be prepared for the 'no' and understand that it just means you need to give them a different or more compelling reason to say 'yes'. This is why variation and tenacity are so important as a content creator.

If you're a video content creator, while you edit your videos, save 30-60 second clips that are interesting in a separate file that you can share across social. Share these clips across various social media platforms to give people a peek at what they're missing from you content-wise. Not a lot of people are doing this and I think it a huge missed opportunity, especially if you're really trying to grow your audience. Sometimes the title of a video or the thumbnail doesn't cut it, but a snippet will be the thing that will seal the deal and make them click over to watch. Like I said before, expect the no and figure out a way to show them why they need to say YES.

Promote your stuff often. |
When I first started blogging, I really didn't like over promoting my content. I felt like I would seem too pushy and at the same time, I didn't see larger blogs promoting very often, either (this was back in 2012). However, in 2017, you need to be promoting your content consistently. Each time you publish something, you should be promoting at least 12 times within a 30 day period. 

Twelve? Yep. TWELVE times.

Because when you promote your content only once, you only give people ONE chance to see what you've created. You've only given them ONE chance to decide, that in that very moment, that they want to watch or read what you've published. You've only given them ONE chance to be on their computers or cell phones to be able to see that your content has gone live. You've assumed that they only have your content to consume and that the only thing they have to do in a day is to lay in waiting for you to hit 'publish'.

Do I sound dramatic? Well, I'm not being dramatic at all. Everything in the universe has to literally line up perfectly for your audience (and a NEW audience) to see your content. By not promoting often enough, you are selling your content short and you're not giving people the chance to find out how amazing your work is.  So please, if you want more viewers, more subscribers or more engagement, you need to promote the content that you've worked so hard to create. At the end of the month, this works out to promoting a single piece of content at least 3 times. If you create 3 videos a week, that means you need to schedule out at least 9 promo Tweets/Instagram Posts/Facebook Posts/Pinterest Pins etc.

Figuring out ways to promote content 12 different ways can be tough, so I've created a checklist guide of ways that you will help YOU promote YOUR content. I'll give you ideas for how to use your content as a guide for promoting the things that you create so your audience has a chance to see these promos as many times as is needed for them to take what you create, seriously. You'll get ideas for Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram both blog writers and video creators. You can grab yours below!