Feel Like You've Lost Your Sales MOJO? Try This.

Lost Your Sales Mogo - B2B Sales Tips - Belinda Aramide

Confidence has a way of affecting so many aspects of our lives. From the way we eat, the choices me make, and the sales relationships we are able to activate.

You can't sell without confidence. Anyone who has sold will tell you that. From dealing with objections, having the nerve to reach out to someone for a meeting, to negotiating the final price on a deal, without self-confidence, it won't matter if you're selling the BEST and most suited product for your prospects out there.

Recognize when a lack of confidence is creeping into your life.

Are you hesitant to pick up the phone? Weiry of sending out emails? Afraid of walking into networking events with potential clients?

Chances are, you're suffering from a lack of confidence and today, I'm going to share with you three things you can do to give yourself and your confidence a kick in your own backside.

1| Be Honest With Yourself AND Someone You Trust

Don't pretend everything is fine in the confidence department when it's not. A lack of confidence will stop you from doing the things that you want and NEED to do in order to build the right relationships, at the right time and move the sales process forward.

What has really served to help me when I'm feeling less confident is confiding in a single person (and it's not always the same person) that I trust. It's like the Martin Luther King Jr. quote:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.

When you're feeling like you're less than, it's hard to remind yourself of all the substantive reason why you're the successful, powerful, go-getter sales person who's earned the right to ask for new business.

Having persons you can turn to whom you can be open and honest with in those moments of insecurity will help put you on the right track. It's always worked for me.

Who should you turn to?

  • a collegue who's worked with you and seen the amazing work you do

  • your sales manager

  • a close friend who believes in you

  • your partner who's seen you weather difficult sales storms before

2| Think Back To A Time When You Were Feeling Confident

Sales is a lot like high performance athletics. It's been proven in psychological study that mental visualizations play a huge part of success in sports. Visualizing a time when you felt like you were at peak performance as a sales rep does one really important thing:

It reminds you that you already have within you what you need to be successful. You've done it before...and you WILL do it again.

Exercise: Grab a notebook and jot down what you were doing personally and professionally when you last felt like a Sales Superstar. Are you still doing those things?


For me personally, when I'm in my sales confidence zone, I'm getting enough sleep, I'm nurishing my body and I'm focused only on making contact with companies and individuals that I know can benefit from what I have to offer. I'm not having sales conversations for the sake of having sales conversations. I'm not wasting prospects time or mine. I'm using my time efficiently and I'm gliding through the sales process like the high performer that I am.

Take the time to figure out what you do before, during and after the sales work day when you're riding high on sales success. It's a feeling that is not only associated with contract signing day.

3| Focus On How You Can HELP Your Prospects With What You Know

When we shine the light on ourselves, we feel the pressure of the spotlight. When we shine the light on others, it's no longer about us and more about how we can help THEM look good under that light.

How can you use your knowledge to help your prospects? What do you know about theirindustry that can help them hit their numbers?

Here's another exercise for you: List out the buyer types that you sell to and their titles (keep it to a maximum of 3) and list out the business related problems they have that they spend time focusing on.

Now, look at these problems. What sort of content can you put together that will help them address these problems and give them a small 'win'. In addition to content creation, this is a great exercise when you want to reach out to once warm but now cold prospect to re-engage the conversation. I do this in excel like pictured below:

Wanna save time? Click here to grab a free copy of this worksheet so you can start figuring this out right away!

Why bother? Because sales isn't about the number of calls you make but the influence you have over a person when they've decided it's time to buy. Earn trust by creating something that PROVES there is a reason to listen to you.

Our prospects problems are constantly evolving, complete this exercise at least once a quarter whether you feel you've lost your sales mojo or not to ensure you're truly keeping your prospects front of mind as your navigate the sales world.

What other things can salespeople do when they feel they've lost their 'mojo'?

Belinda Aramide is the founder of Salesfluence – a Sales and Marketing Consulting Firm that specializes in using the power of influencer strategy as a sales positioning tool. If you're ready for your sales team(s) to book more prospect meetings, email Belinda at: hello@salesfluence.co

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