Thank You & Farewell To (this version of)

My last post was on January 15th.

At the time I'm drafting this post, almost 3 months have gone by...

I have loved the relationships I've gotten to develop from having this space on the internet. Just as much, I have loved the pings to my inbox once someone downloads a content upgrade I spent time carefully crafting.

With that being said, it's time for me to move on.

Thank you for reading, asking questions, sharing my posts with those in your lives that needed them and being apart of my journey as I've grown as a person. 

I will be exporting the content of this blog (this version of my website, as it currently stands will no longer be active after April 10th 2018) and deciding what to do with it at another date. I do feel like the these posts should remain on the internet for those who can learn from them. Plus, I spent a lot of time and sleepless nights writing many of them LOL.  How I'll make that happen...I'll figure that out at another time.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at belindalauriewrites {at} and I'll be sure to answer you as best I can, when I can.

Keep creating amazing content :)


Belinda Laurie

Belinda is a Blogging & YouTube Strategist who works with individuals looking to create opportunities for themselves online. From helping you create a cohesive brand, targeting specific audiences and brands, to creating a long-term strategy for getting people to see your content, she becomes as obsessed with your success, as you are. Specializing in the beauty and lifestyle niches, Belinda helps you increase your views, subscribers, sponsorship opportunities, and income potential.

Obsessions include: caffinated beverages, lipstick, gif's and creating an amazing life with her family.