The Most Important Thing You Need As An Influencer - Shiseido #ShareBeauty Event

On Thursday July 6th, I had the pleasure of joining Dave Lackie, Beauty Editor and City Line  Beauty Expert & Elaine Shigeishi, VP of Shiseido Canada at a beautiful dinner at Frank Restaurant inside of the Art Gallery of Ontario. It was an evening filled with some of my favourite things: beauty, great conversation, and wonderful friends both old and new. To make the evening even more special, I got the opportunity to bring one of my oldest friends along to join me, Ru, so she could experience a different side of my life that she often only hears about.

Elaine ( left ), Dave ( right )

Elaine (left), Dave (right)

Hands down, the best thing about these beauty events are the conversations that you get to have with the people who represent brands. The people at the executive level of these companies truly have a passion and love that is clearly expressed when you speak to them. Elaine was no exception but even more than that, her aura is one of gratitude, humility and, excitement put together in such a way that you can’t help not only to quickly fall in love with her.

Of course, guests left with the most amazing gift bags, filled with both cult favs from the brand and soon-to-be released Fall ’17 collection items. I went to the event most excited to learn more about Shiseido skincare and left with both beauty and skincare items to try. I’ll share my thoughts on the items in a post later this month once I’ve had a chance to properly test them out.

I can’t honestly pick one thing that is *most* amazing about Shiseido because they have a multitude of things are genuinely impressive. From the amount of technology and research that goes into their products (over 1000 scientists!) to their commitment to supporting the Arts (sponsoring Arts Events in Toronto like Nuit Blanche and Thirst Thursdays at the Art Gallery of Ontario; providing free art exhibit space for up-and-coming artists in Ginza, Japan) the spirit of this company genuinely puts people at the heart of everything they do.

I had the opportunity to ask Elaine for any advice that she would give to aspiring influencers who want to work with larger, international brands like Shiseido. After some thought, she said that passion should be at the forefront of whatever you do. That, and the desire to help others, because it’s when you do these two things that success will follow. Always. The takeaway? Brands like Shiseido want to work with Influencers who genuinely have a passion for sharing beauty. This premise falls every much in line with the companies social media tag #ShareBeauty. It’s all about sharing ones love of beauty (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) with those they care about.

Passion should be at the heart of everything you do.

As an aspiring Influencer, or as an Influencer with a following and you’d like to partner creatively with brands, it’s imperative that you do it with passion as these are the types of people that brands want to partner with. They want to work with people who will convey passion and excitement about their products when they use them. I truly believe that this is because we, the consumers, are much more educated than years past. We know difference between formulations of things, hues, textures, ingredients, processes, I could go on for days. And with this increased level of intelligence and awareness about the things that we invest our money in, we are very particular about who we decide to listen to.

When you take the time to talk about a brands product and you want them to notice you, make sure that you convey passion and knowledge. When they discover you, you want them to see that you not only take your craft seriously, but you have the type of energy and spirit that would do their brand and products justice.


The amazing host of the evening, Dave Lackie, is the epitome of passion for the beauty industry. When I read the articles on his website, the captions he writes on Instagram, and the tweets he puts out, the passion and knowledge is undeniable and I genuinely trust his expertise in the beauty game. If you need an example of someone who is a seasoned vet in the beauty industry and how they exhibit true passion behind everything that they do, start with Dave.

Ultimately, the role of an Influencer in the greater brand strategy for companies is to DRIVE SALES. Passion, authenticity, and genuine talent are directly related to how an Influencers ability to influence the buying decisions of their followers. Take some time to think about the products you’ve purchased in your life based on the recommendation of an Influencer…what made you trust the opinion of said Influencer?

Another powerful piece of advice that Elaine passed onto me was: you should have the courage to make choices and be grateful for them. I personally feel that the roadblock that stands between the Content Creators (me included!) that are successful at their craft and those that are not is courage. Courage to put out content. Courage to continue putting out content even when people aren’t watching, reading, or liking it. The courage to reach out to brands to introduce yourself and start a relationship. Finding the courage to do these things and push through won’t always be easy, but when you look back a year from now, don’t you want to know that you stepped forward with faith that God has a greater plan for you?

I don’t know about you, but every time I've decided to just do it and stop being afraid, it’s worked out in one way, shape, or form.

Take a passionate leap forward.


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