This Is What You Need To Do If You're Feeling Exhausted

You know that feeling.

The feeling of weights on your ankles as you make your way through your day. The fact that you need about 16 hours of sleep but for some reason, you can only squeeze in 5 or 6. The never-ending cycle of to-do list after to -o list, no list ever completely getting done because there is just It's now getting to the point where you just end up staring into space, thinking about everything that needs to get done but wondering where on earth you're supposed to get the energy to do it all.

You need a clone so that you can just take a few days to hid from it all and get back to feeling normal again. Normal being - not exhausted. 

Girl, I hear you. Everything on my schedules has fallen WAY behind schedule and it's overwhelming.

But you know what? I'm fighting to stay happy. And I want you to fight to stay happy because you've been blessed with another day of life and exhausted or not - you can choose to live it, or go back to bed and hope the stuff you need to get done gets done. Don't go back to bed. Tackle life head-on and start working through your exhaustion effectively and without roaming the world like a zombie. 

First, see the value of The Struggle.

Because Struggle makes you strong. Struggle makes you powerful. Struggle sharpens you. Because when you have to struggle, you have to become mentally agile. You become someone who thinks quickly on their feet which in turn, will make you a better business person, a better friend, a better partner, and the best version of YOU possible.


Give yourself permission to take a nap (but don't forget to set an alarm to wake up).
I'm guilty of fighting the nap, but sometimes, it's exactly what your body needs. Did you know that NASA says the optimum sleep time is 26 minutes? In just 26 minutes you can improve your performance by 34% and alertness by 54%. Something the exhausted mind needs. Even if it means sneaking into your car after you quickly eat your lunch for a bit of shut-eye, your mind, body, and spirit can really benefit. And you only need 26 minutes.

Write a 'Done' List. Many of us focus on what needs to get done. But I've been giving myself a much needed motivational boost by writing down the things that I've already gotten done. It's easy when I'm exhausted to focus on the journey that is still ahead and feel like I'm failing. It's a terrible feeling and I'm sure you know exactly what I mean. But when I take just a few minutes to reflect on all the things I've already tackled, I start feeling some validation for the exhaustion that I'm feeling.

Stop doing everything yourself. There are people in your life who are ready, willing and happy to help you. But you have to be accepting of that help. I'm actually terrible at this. I have the worst time asking for or accepting help. But people offer to help because they not only want to help you but because they can help you. No one is going to offer to help you if they don't have the means to do so. They offer to help because they can. They offer to help because they care. And there is no reason for you to be a martyr trying to do it all on their own. At the very least, it will give you the time and headspace to figure out a permanent solution to creating more time for yourself. A lot of the time, we don't ask for the help that we need and a good portion of our exhaustion is self-inflicted. That is to say that we are tired, not only because we have a lot to do, but because we fail to spread the load and take it upon ourselves to do it all aloneSlow down. Your value is not in how busy you are. Your value is in the quality of whatever it is that you do. Stop putting value in being busy. 



Belinda Laurie

Belinda is a Blogging & YouTube Strategist who works with individuals looking to create opportunities for themselves online. From helping you create a cohesive brand, targeting specific audiences and brands, to creating a long-term strategy for getting people to see your content, she becomes as obsessed with your success, as you are. Specializing in the beauty and lifestyle niches, Belinda helps you increase your views, subscribers, sponsorship opportunities, and income potential.

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