Tools For Creating Content As A New Mom

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I'm not a 'new' mom anymore. My youngest is now 13 months old and oldest is 6. But every time I had a newborn (three times and counting...), it did feel like I was starting from scratch again. From adjusting to sleepless nights (that never gets easier) to re-learning how to establish a newborns feeding schedule, it's a lot to learn for the first time or re-learn over and over.

Even though your personal world gets consumed with this precious new addition to your family, the rest of the world keeps turning and eventually, you may want to turn right along with it. As I take this blog space on my website in more a personal direction, I thought I would share a few of my must-have tools for being a content creating mama while having a newborn around.

1 | Apps that I can use on both my computer and my phone.

I'm constantly switching from working on my computer to working on my phone. Often times it's the only way I'm able to get anything done! From the Gmail app, to writing blog posts using the Squarespace app and transferring pictures to and from editing apps (the phone based ones are my favourite!). As a mom, you end up learning how to do a lot with one hand haha. 

The phone apps that I use all the time?

Gmail App
Microsoft One Drive
Squarespace Blogging App
Google Apps (Sheets in particular)
The 'Pocket' App

2 | A Baby Swing. 

My favourite swing, hands-down is the Nuna Leaf Curve. After having 3 kids and trying the Mamaroo and several Graco swings, the Nuna Leaf was the best purchase without question. It's light weight so I could move it to wherever I was working from that day and still have baby near by. It designed to 'self-swing' so once you set it in motion, it will continue to swing back and forth without the need of batteries or to plug it in. This swing has been a life-saver so many times and I can't suggest having a light baby swing that's easy to transport from room to room enough.

3 | A Notepad


Maybe I'm old school, but being able to jot down things on a notepad 'brain dump style' was and continues to be everything. From writing down a list of things that needed to get done or jotting ideas down for videos or blog posts, having a notepad has been invaluable. I may be a little but bougie and spend way more than I need to on this sort of stuff (you can find the one in the picture above here) but having a nice notepad to jot things down on and cross things off really helps.

4 | Scheduling Apps

As a mom, you're up at all hours trying to squeeze things into your busy day. While doing things between 1:30am and 5am may be prime quiet time for us moms, it isn't for many of the people we interact with. This is where scheduling apps literally save my life and allowed me to be both a mom and a businesswoman and content creator.



Boomerang allows you to write emails whenever you're able and then schedule them to go out at a more appropriate time. For me, many of my emails are written at 1 am but then I'm able to schedule them to go out around 9 am or 10 am which is a more reasonable time for someone to get an email from me. 

Other features that I love from Boomerang?

The ability to PAUSE your inbox. Ever find that you keep getting emails or you keep tabbing over to see how many emails you've gotten since the last time you checked? Boomerang allows you to pause the flow of emails until it's a more opportune time for you to check. This is awesome when you have focused work that you need to do, or you just need to stop being distracted by the constant flow emails into your inbox. I personally use this to stop checking my emails after a certain time in the evening so I can focus on my family. What's even better is the app works for @gmail email addresses as well with similar functionality to the premium Boomerang options!

Check out Boomerang by clicking here.


If you've read this post or this post, you know that I have a thing for Pinterest. But Pinterest takes a lot of work and without Tailwind, I wouldn't be able to juggle the demands of having an active Pinterest Profile and the rest of my busy life. In my opinion, it's the best Pinterest Scheduler out there and I couldn't be happier with how easy it is to use. 


Some of my favourite features from Tailwind?

They have a Google Chrome extension. This makes pinning pins directly from my website so unbelievably easy.

I can schedule my pins to go out in intervals instead of one after the other. I like to space my pins to go out to different boards at different times so my followers don't get annoyed and see the same pins over and over again. 

I'm able to group multiple boards together and schedule a single pin to go out to all of those boards with a single click. Instead of having to click to schedule board by board, I can choose a list of boards and tailwind will do the rest for me.

Get a $15 credit (good for one month free or use it to get a discount on the cost of a one-year membership!) by clicking here and using my referral link.


Loom is a quick way for you to record things on your computer whether that is yourself, your screen or a combination of both. Sometimes I have things that I need to show clients and instead of always having to hop onto a random skype call to show them or try to figure out a way to explain a lengthy process over email, I use Loom.

Screen Grab of Loom.PNG


Some of my favourite features that Loom offers?

They have a google chrome and Gmail extension so it's easy to just click and record exactly what I need when I need to.

You'll get a notification when someone views your video. Do you know how helpful this is? When working with others and you put in the time and effort to create something really personally valuable to them, it's nice to know that they've taken the time to watch it without having to send email after email asking them if they've had the chance to view it yet. Now, I just send off the video and Loom automatically sends me an email as soon as it's viewed.

There is a comment section. This makes communicating back and forth so much easier than things getting lost between emails.

I'm able to sort my videos into folders. Digital folders are life and Loom very recently updated their dashboard so now users can organize their videos into folders and it's made my life using their website so much easier.

It's FREE. The company is still growing and looking to grow organically. Part of their unique growth strategy is to have people try Loom and share it with their friends. The more you share, the more features you unlock. For a company providing so many amazing features for free, you would never know it by how responsive their customer support is. It's a company with a soul and I suggest you getting in on the action while their still growing!

Use Loom to communicate using video online by clicking here to join.

5 | Naps  

Seriously. A lot of the time, getting a decent nights sleep is something that is few and far between. And while there are literally a million things we could be doing while the baby sleeps, sleep is something that I've learned to prioritize. I've tried to push through when I'm absolutely exhausted and all I'm able to accomplish is half the work in double the time. I've had to learn to prioritize things that help to replenish my body, now more than ever. I can't be my most creative self when I'm operating on no sleep and it's one of the most important things I've learned to do since having my son.

What are the tools you use that really help you balance being a mom and creating content?