Niche Definition & Why Your Niche Is Too Broad

Niche. To be honest, it's an important but ANNOYING internet buzzword. I feel like a lot of people talk about it just because it's important but don't do a really good job of explaining why it's important. By now, if you've been on the internet doing you thing for more than 12 minutes, you know that a niche is a fancy way of stating what it is that you talk about. Some popular niches include:

  • makeup
  • beauty
  • fashion
  • productivity
  • running a business online
  • technology
How To Find Your Niche In Blogging | Finding Your Niche Meaning | Niche Definition |

Don't get me wrong, knowing your niche is important. But you need more than that. You need to understand the niche within your niche. You need to understand the exact type of person you are speaking to so you can make content that is truly valuable and have people connecting with your content for more than once for 37 seconds. 

By the end of this post, you'll understand:

  • why you need to drill down your niche more than you already have
  • how being specific and having a sub-niche will actually make your life easier
  • and how having a more specific niche will help you promote your content more effectively and reach out to brands that'll be really excited to work with you

I see so many influencers make this mistake. They consider themselves to be beauty bloggers or lifestyle bloggers and create content related to that. As a creator, you don't want to limit what it is that you 'can' talk about because you're passionate about SO MANY THINGS! By being a lifestyle blogger, you get to talk about all of the things that make you excited about life. I mean, that's what being a blogger is all about, right? 

...This all depends on your goals for your blog. If you're writing for friends and family, this approach is absolutely fine! But if you want to turn your hobby into a side hustle or a full-time career, you need to create content that is more streamlined and that speaks to a specific audience. There is a lot of competition in blogging/vlogging world - no doubt about it. But one very easy way for people to recognize you as an expert is to be known for something.

This is what sub-niching will do for you.

What is sub-niching |

By getting very specific about what and who you talk to, you'll find people who are looking for someone JUST like you. Samantha Jane on YouTube did this when she started her Oily Skin Diaries. She reviews foundations as a woman with oily skin and lets her viewers know how the foundation stands the test of time. If you're someone who has oily skin and you come across one of her videos, you know that her content will be appropriate for someone like you and will more than likely subscribe if this is this is a concern of yours and something you want continued advice and help with. This is what sub-niching does. Yes, she is a beauty vlogger (and blogger!) but she speaks to the concerns of men and women with oily skin. This helps her stand out from the crowd of other Beauty Blogger/Vloggers out there and has helped her create a tribe of loyal subscribers (one of which includes me!).

So ask your self this about your space on the internet...

What are you going to do to HELP an audience with a problem or problems they have? 


Another thing that sub-niching does is allow you to more easily create content |

By figuring out the type of person you are speaking to, you are able to think of content that is helpful and valuable to that type of person. Using myself as an example, I've been focusing on creating content to help influencers in the beauty and fashion niches. While other people outside of the beauty and fashion niches will find my content helpful, I focus on the specific concerns linked to the people who make content about beauty and fashion products. I am able to be laser-focused when I create content and creating a sub-niche for myself has made the decision of what to write about week-to-week or what content to create for my audience a thousand times easier. 

Let's say you have a lifestyle blog where you feature things about fashion, beauty, and food. There will be one section that does better than the others in terms of traffic. If people seem to favour your fashion content, start creating more of that content. More than likely, you will see an increase in your blog's traffic because you're creating content that your audience has shown they really like and appreciate. Now, instead of trying to create content that satisfy's literally millions of people, you create content that satisfies a very specific audience that is begging for content that speaks to the things that they need help with.

The saying goes 'you can't be all things to all people' and there are few places where this rings truer than with blogging or vlogging successfully. While there are people who are able to blog about an entire lifestyle niche well (Cupcakes and Cashmere, for instance), very few started out that way. Did you know that Emily started her blog wanting to write about two specific things, food and fashion, and eventually grew to talk about other things as her blog and life changed? The most successful Influencers today have always been laser-focused on who they're speaking to. Do yourself a favour and do the same for your content.

Sub-niching makes promoting your content much easier |

When you know the type of person you are talking to, you'll know several things. You'll know where to find them so you can easily promote to them. You can create graphics that are enticing to them and will get them to pay attention to what you have to say. You'll know the kinds of products and services that you need to review because these things would be valuable to them. Let's say you have a fashion blog for plus-sized fashionistas...would you promote your content in a facebook group that talks about their love of Abercrombie (their brand is notorious for not being body-positive)? Not all content is made for all readers so having a sub-niche (example: fashion blogger focusing on plus-sized fashion) makes sure that you promote your content to people who will appreciate the time and dedication you put into creating and providing valuable content that will help enrich their lives.


Sub-niching also helps you when you eventually take the step to reach out to brands that you want to collaborate with. Brands align themselves with influencers that closely match with who their target audience is and how they want that audience to be spoken to. When you are able to tell a brand not just how big your reach is, but how specific that reach is, you can help them fill gaps that traditional media can't. THIS is the real reason why brands want to work with influencers. Influencers have access to specific audiences and influence over those audiences in ways that other media can't compete. When you can show that you have influence to an audience of 18-34 year old women of colour, who wear a dress sizes between 14 and 28, that speaks HUGE to a brand and the value you can bring to their brand.

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Sub-niching isn't the kiss of death a lot of people make it out to be. It's one of the most freeing things you can for your brand. Don't turn people off of your blog or youtube channel because they don't understand why you're talking about X. People should very easily and quickly understand what your content is about specifically, not generally. Be more than 'just another beauty blog'. Tell people why your beauty channel is better than the last beauty channel they came across 20 minutes ago. Show them that your content was created just for them and is going to make their life easier if they just take the time to stick around and keep coming back for more.

Be valuable by adding value to other peoples' lives. This is how you're going to stick out, stand out and ultimately, BE SUCCESSFUL.

Once you've figured out your sub-niche, download the Promotion Checklist. It gives you 8 ways you can promote your content across your social media platforms. Also, read this post about promoting your content and you'll be well on your way to being a Promo Boss!

How To Find Your Niche In Blogging | Finding Your Niche Meaning | Niche Definition |