Confidently Crushing LinkedIn - Amy Perkins Belinda Aramide

Tired of Standing On The Sidelines of LinkedIn?

WANTING to post, comment and share your wealth of knowledge with your industry but TERRIFIED?

We’ll break down how to navigate LinkedIn with fearlessness. 

Sharing the information we wish someone told us when we first joined. 

We want to save you months of heartache and stress by laying it all out for you.

Join us for a one hour webinar (extra time given for Q&A) that will leave you Confidently Crushing LinkedIn.


Hosted By:

Amy Perkins Bio Pic

Amy Perkins

Leadership Consultant - Confidence Coach - Podcast Host - Award Winning Educator - Chief Dreaming Officer

Belinda Aramide Bio Pic

Belinda Aramide

LinkedIn Personal Branding Strategist | Sales Trainer | Wisdom Whisperer

Teaching the best practices that have helped us courageously show up on this platform and stand unapologetically in our truth.

We will teach you how to navigate:

✓ Requests for phone calls (when to take them and when to decline)

✓Strategies for working through that inner critic so you can post with confidence

✓ Tell you the kinds of DM’s to avoid sending (so you don’t inadvertently offend)

✓ Tagging (when to tag, who to tag etc)

✓ When to block a connection and take control over your social media experience

✓ When to disconnect

✓All about the algorithm (how it works and how to make it work in your favor!)

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What Others Are Saying About This Class:

In this confusing world of Linkedin, I was quickly getting connected with people and not really understanding it all. This course covered a lot of information. It was delivered in sections that were easy to understand. Amy and Belinda, using their expertise and experiences, each took turns explaining different parts during the course. I learned things about Linkedin that were going on that I had no idea even existed. Thank you so much for offering this.

-Alisa L., Personal Coach

“For those of you who are thinking to take Amy Perkins & Belinda Aramide’s class, I just did and loved it! These ladies are awesome!

-Mirela B., Career Transition Expert

We’ll help you find your inner power to post with confidence so you can CLAIM YOUR SEAT at the LinkedIn Table.

Stop wasting time.

Learn how to deal with your inner critic that’s preventing you from stepping and up & show up.

Figure out how to show up on LinkedIn confidently so you can get the most of what LinkedIn has to offer you professionally.

Have a SAFE SPACE to be open, be honest and figure out how to navigate LinkedIn confidently with a group of men AND women who get exactly what you’re going through and the emotions you’re battling.