Need Someone Like Me to Help You With Sales & Personal Branding?

Belinda Aramide - Salesfluence - Personal Branding Sales Consultant

People come to me when…

they realize that not having a strong social presence is standing between them and the success they're hoping to achieve in their business and/or career.

They know that they know their stuff. They know that when they eventually work with people, they'll knock their socks off.

But leveraging social to sell to effectively sell prospects and/or make a career transition? That part is uncomfortable. That part makes them want to quickly turn in the other direction and focus on other things in their business/career.

But you know what? I'm here to make you not only feel less uncomfortable...I'm here to empower you. I'm here to help shine the light on what is already there.

That thing that makes you remarkable.

Then, I'll help you position yourself as a thought-leader in your space because when you start crafting content for the *right* people , 'selling' become infinitely easier.

Who I’m not a good fit

❌ product-based entrepreneurs and sales reps

❌ those that have an excuse-based mentality

❌ those looking for a ‘quick fix’

Who I work best with:

✔️service-based entrepreneurs with substantiated expertise

✔️sales executives in the SAAS industry

✔️c-suite executives looking to position themselves as thought-leaders in their industry

✔️people who are READY to do the work and
open to learning a different way of doing things

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How We Can Work Together:

Pitch or Personal Brand Clarity Session

You know how you can help your ideal client but you struggle putting it together, on paper & verbally, so you can effectively communicate your business value in a way that gets people saying YES to finding out more about working with you.

If you're ready to actively start seeking new business clients and need help with feeling more comfortable with your 'pitch' - this is a good place to start.

Get clearer on who it makes sense to go after to pitch your services to first and the hot button issue/topic that will get them most interested in saying YES to working with you.


If you’re looking for clarity on the direction you can take your personal brand. How you can show up online in a more authentic and real way that brings value to both YOU & your potential clients…this is the session for you.


60 minute video call
Post-call reflection notes
Access to call recording
30-day priority email and voice follow-up & support

Investment: $388 usd

Sales & Personal Branding 6-week Intensive

There is content creation and then there is sales-driven content creation. This package is for those that need help developing a sales-focused content and personal brand strategy that converts into business leads and sales. This is for those who want to learn Salesfluence™.

This package includes:
6, 60-minute sessions that will help you align your services with exactly who you sell to, how you help them, defining the specific problems you help them solve and how to show up online so you can leverage social media to allow your potential clients to get to know you in a more authentic way plus capture leads for your business.

This coaching package is best for those who are looking for support an guidance over a longer period of time.

Unsure if this is right for you? Fill out the application, book a 15-minute call with me and we can discuss exactly where you are in your journey right now and if it makes sense to work together. Please note: this is NOT a consultation call - it’s a call focused on helping you decide if it makes sense for you and I to work together, should you need it.


6 weekly, 60-minute video calls
Post-call reflection notes after each session
Access to call recordings
Your own, Personalized Personal Brand Book as a your guide to implementing your personal brand
90-day social media content plan document
Voice note and email access inbetween sessions AND 30 days after last call.