This free, 20-page journal was originally designed for me, personally. I found I was spending a lot of time feeling overwhelmed, making lists and losing sight of what and where I wanted my creative business to take me. I've since realized that other people must be feeling the same way I used to so, I made the journal a bit prettier and am offering it to all of you.

This journal is for any creative who's felt like their TO DO LIST has taken over, yet very little is getting done to help them be a better creative in business. 

Designed to be used daily for a few moments in the morning and the evening, making this journal a daily part of your life will make you a more productive creative entrepreneur. Don't let your passion and drive die because of all the things you need to get done. Don't let that feeling of overwhelm stop you from getting things done. You CAN and WILL do this and this journal will help you do that.

If you want to:

  • achieve clarity
  • spend time more wisely
  • stop the feeling of overwhelm
  • help get your creative juices going again
  • create more balance

Get your hands on this journal!

I genuinely hope this journal will help you do all of these things and MORE! Because you deserve to be creative, make money from being a creative, and provide value to your future customers and clients being the most amazing version of yourself possible.

Tag me on social (@belindalaurie) or use the hashtag #TheCreativityJournal so I can see how you use the pages in your everyday life and feature you as well!

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