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Learn How To Leverage The World's Most Powerful Business Platform

Do you want to get the most out of the excitement that is happening over on LinkedIn?  

Use LinkedIn as a way to get in front of the people you hope to do business with? 

Are you ready to go from "unsure" to "I know exactly what I'm doing" so you can use the time you spend on the platform to develop real relationships and business opportunities?

In Ignite on LinkedIn, I walk you through all the foundational elements of the platform, live and step-by-step, so you can go from an excited bystander to becoming a real power player.  

Your Instructor: Belinda Aramide

Your Instructor: Belinda Aramide

Upon Completion You'll Have:

✔ Clarity on WHAT you'll focus on as you grow your influence and presence on the platform

✔ Understanding of HOW to effectively build business relationships with a proven framework that WORKS

✔ Guidelines for WHO are the right people to be connected and fostering relationships with 

What People Have Said About Working With Belinda:

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Testimonial - Alison Fischer - Belinda Aramide
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Each week we'll get together as a group for an hour of live training via zoom. You'll get taught the lesson live and get a chance to ask questions for clairty. Then, you'll have a week to apply what was learned, first-hand before tackling the next weeks lessons. Course completed in 5-weeks.


Like a house, we're going to make sure you have the right foundational information so you not only know LinkedIn, but understand it.  

We'll spend time focusing on what you have to offer the LinkedIn community and your why. Knowing WHY you want Linkedin growth and how to effectively pair that with how others will BENEFIT from that presence is crucial to your success.


Community is what societies have been built on for centuries and community is what LinkedIn is fundamentally built on, too. In this lesson, we'll go deep into how to build both types of community (private and public ones) so you can build the best type of community for YOU. It's not just about Facebook Groups and engagement pods, it's about so.much.more.


Consistently commenting to build relationships and reputation.

In this lesson, I'm pulling back the curtain on exactly how I positioned myself on LinkedIn LONG before I ever posted a piece of content to shape my personal brand.

You’ll learn how to leverage power commenting to not just be seen, but be known for something.


This goes way beyond pushing connect and writing a crafted message to get their attention. It's all about figuring out WHO you should be inviting into your network, WHAT you'll say after you've connected and HOW to keep the relationship flames going so the connection remains of value over time.


Nervous about putting out and creating content? Here's the truth: almost everyone feels weird at first. I know I did.  

We'll take time to get you comfortable with posting your first pieces of content. We'll go over how you can then leverage content into meeting the people you want to meet and do business with those you want to do business with. 

Content creation is NOT just for those who have a business or are entrepreneurs. It's a positioning tool that helps you lead and this module will help you lead with success through content. 


How long will I have access to the course?
Does lifetime access work for you? Once you sign up, you'll have access to the workbooks, the audio files and the recordings of the weekly live training sessions, with unlimited access, so you can keep reviewing as often as you need to.

What format is the course delivered in?
Video, audio file and workbook. 

Will you run the course again with the live sessions?
At this time, I don’t plan to.

When does the cart close?
6pm EST on February 28th 2019