1-on-1 Coaching

6 month 1-on-1 coaching for content creators and creatives.

While designing, deciding and developing a social media presence and strategy for your Blog or YouTube Channel, it can be easy to lose sight of or wonder how on earth to create a clear-cut plan.

You'll find yourself second-guessing what you're doing, getting confused about which path you should take and spending more time googling than creating stellar content, implementing a strategy, building epic relationships and growing a feasible business.

You know you want to make being a creator a career but something keeps holding you back. Maybe you know what that thing is. Maybe you don't. But what you do know, is you want to make a career for yourself and you're ready to make it happen.

This is where my Coaching comes in. 

This is for your if:

  • You're ready and willing to put 100% into this process
  • You know that being a creative is part of who you are and your emotional DNA.
  • You're struggling to find your brand voice or don't even know where to start
  • You have a following, eager to monetize it, but don't know how to do it
  • You're tired of holding back from the future you desire
  • You're looking for a personalized approach to achieving your aspirations 
  • You're looking for someone who will push you when you need to be pushed and be the gentle voice at your shoulder when you that too
  • You want to make the shift from an influencer with a passion, to an influencer with a business
  • You're ready to spend the next 6 months working on who you are today to become who you want to be 6 months from now
  • You don't exactly know how to make a go of this, but you know that the possibility is there and you want help with that possibility
  • You're ready to overcome your deepest fears and make being a creator who makes money doing what they love, a reality

What do people have to say about me and my approach?

Updated the tags on this video last night (along with a bunch of others). This one was sitting at 110 before I went to bed. Woke up and it was at 200. Now it’s 225 . . . I can’t thank you enough. It was the motivation I needed to keep going.
— Katherine, YouTuber
Girl you should write books, have you ever thought of that? You know so so much!!
— Ashely, Self-taught Makeup Artist & Instagram Influencer

Package Includes:

A comprehensive questionaire so I can fully understand your goals for your creative career

Develop an effective and meaningful content stategy

Help focusing content so we can implement a monetization strategy that works for you and where you want to take your blog

Help you cut out the noise so you can focus on your own voice

Full-audit of your entire social media presence with action plan to implement and move towards goals outlined in questionaire

Teach you how to maximize your time so you're not wasting time doing things that aren't bringing you closer to where you want to be

You'll learn how to put certain elements of your blogging process on auto-pilot so you can focus on growth in other more important ways

2, 60-minute skype/google hangouts coaching calls each month to help implement social media growth strategies, brand partnership building skills, contact building, communication booster skills, product and service development etc.

A password protected, personal client page with a recording of our sessions as well as session notes

Unlimited email support in-between sessions

Resources, tasks and homework to propel you forward and keep you on track throughout the entire process

And a 30, 60, 90 day post coaching session check-in call to make sure you're transitioning on your own ok

My Promise To You:

As your coach, I promise you this: I will show up and be there for you 100% of the time.

When we sit down to speak with one another, when you reach out to me, when you have a question for me - I will be there. I will push you when you need to be pushed, and I'll give you a shoulder when you need that, too. I'll remind you of the strength that you have, especially when you don't feel it.

All I ask is that you give me your 100%. Be ready to be apart of the process 100%. I promise you will be amazed at the leaps and strides your life will take in the time we work together.

Your Investment:

Prices begin at $650/month for a minimum 3-month commitment

Very limited space available through to the end of 2017.