LINKEDIN CONTENT BLUEPRINT Masterclass - Belinda Laurie Aramide


It can all feel so overwhelming at first…

When people talk about LinkedIn personal brand development, content is often a critical part of their advice, but how do you:

write an article that is easy for people to read and engage with?

❓bring the right attention to your content so people like, comment and share?

film more engaging content that doesn’t take a lot of time, looks professional and builds your credibility?

✅ Want to learn how to get your content seen by more of the RIGHT people?

✅ Wondering how people are REALLY using content to drive attention to their business?

✅ Want to learn exactly how to use your content as a business generation tool?

✅ Are you ready to create content without feeling overwhelmed by the entire process (and without having to give up the other business generating activities you have to do every day)?

Then the LinkedIn Content Blueprint Masterclass is for YOU!


Feedback from Past Attendees:

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Workshop Hosted by:
Belinda Aramide

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 In this Masterclass you’ll learn:

  • Content Structure for Success: how to structure both written and video content so it positions you as an expert, it captures and keeps someone’s attention 

  • Content Brainstorming Techniques: so you never run out of ideas for what to post, write or film 

  • Call-to-Action Training: so you understand how to use various forms of calls to action to get people engaging with your content

Write LinkedIn ARTICLES that position you as an expert.

Write LinkedIn POSTS that keep you top of mind.

Film VIDEOS that allow people to get to know you.

This is a 60-minute Masterclass with time given at the end for questions to clarify anything related to LinkedIn content creation!

Stop wondering and start getting into the game.

LinkedIn content creation is about more than just showing up. It’s about showing up with content in a strategic way so people begin sending you messages asking about doing business with you.


30-day Money Back Guarantee*

*If you show that you’ve followed the steps outlined in this Masterclass and see no improvement in your content performance on LinkedIn, I’ll give you your money back. It’s as simple as that.