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(or 3 monthly payments of $197)

LinkedIn has over 600 million users…would a ‘blueprint’ to how you can effectively leverage the platform to find your ideal clients and secure business help you make the most of it?

Then ‘LinkedIn Blueprint’ is for you.

Get immediate access to the replays of 4 trainings that were done live so you can quickly equip yourself with the knowledge you need to START leveraging LinkedIn for the professional opportunities you deserve.

Do You WANT:

more visibility for your service-based business?

✅ to become a thought leader in your space?

✅ to understand how people are using directing messaging to land powerful meetings at small, medium and enterprise sized businesses?

✅ people to more clearly understand exactly who you are and how you can help them?

Are you TIRED of:

⚠️ wondering what to do next

⚠️ not getting the traction you’ve been trying tirelessly to get

⚠️ not getting the results you know you deserve

⚠️ seeing others with less experience and talent getting the opportunities you know you’d be perfect for?

Then LinkedIn Blueprint is for YOU!


(or 3 monthly payments of $197)

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 What People Have Said About These Trainings…

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Workshop Hosted by:
Belinda Aramide

Learn more about me here and on LinkedIn

 In this 4-Part Training, you’ll learn:

  • How To Create Content That CONVERTS: Learn all about content structure, brainstorming techniques and call-to-action training, so you can write ARTICLES that position you as an expert, POSTS that keep you top of mind, and VIDEOS that allow people to get to know you.

  • Profile Optimization: A clear profile is one of your most powerful tools. Learn how to craft one that helps attract the kinds of business and people you want to work with to want to reach out to work with YOU

  • Direct Messaging Strategy: Learn how to use Direct Messaging to book business meetings with your ideal small, medium and enterprise sized clients

  • The Art of Influence: social selling works because of influence. Influence is built by making sure people know, like and trust you. Learn how to do just that all over LinkedIn - it goes way beyond creating content

⚡️ Content that Converts
⚡️A Powerful Profile
⚡️ Decisive Direct Messaging Strategy
⚡️ Integrated Influence Building Process

4+ hours of training designed for those ready to make the MOST of LinkedIn NOW.

This training is split into 4 sections (content creation, profile optimization, direct messaging strategy and influence building strategy).

This is training designed to help you stop wondering and start getting into the game in a significant way.

LinkedIn is about more than just showing up. It’s about showing up in a strategic way so the time you spend on the platform is used with maximum efficiency.

Register now for immediate access to all sections of this training and get the structure you need to finally feel like you know what you’re doing on LinkedIn.


(or 3 monthly payments of $197)

30-day Money Back Guarantee*

*If you show that you’ve followed the steps outlined in this course and see no improvement in your content performance on LinkedIn, I’ll give you your money back. It’s as simple as that.

LinkedIn is where Facebook was 5+ years ago. This is your time to literally ‘cash in’ on how easy it to get the attention of those who you want to business with.

Your ability to get in front of the types of people who will eventually become your new clients, the types of people who can book you for speaking engagements and the types of people who can help you develop as a professional is amazing. 

But it won’t be this ‘easy’ forever. 

It won’t be this ‘easy’ to organically get the attention of people 12 months from now and with more and more attention on the LinkedIn platform than ever before... the time has never been better to strongly position yourself to be seen as the expert that you are in your field and within your industry. 

As one of the only LinkedIn Trainers with a professional sales background, join me for a unique online teaching experience like none other. 

4-hours of focused LinkedIn training that will position you, your profile and your activity on LinkedIn that will lead to real clients and real opportunities.

“Good things may come to those who wait”, but that quote has been attributed to a woman who lived her life in the 1800s (Lady Mary Montgomerie Currie aka Violet Fane)...long before the internet sped up the speed of life and business. 

Figure out LinkedIn while it’s still relatively easy to get people’s attention.

Learn the most up-to-date strategies for:

Content that Converts

A Profitable Profile

Direct Messaging Strategy

Social Selling (The Art of Influence) 



3-payments of $197