Masterclass Mastery

Masterclass Mastery Belinda Aramide
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Have you ever attended an online webinar and thought - I’d love to do this, too?

Webinars & Masterclasses are an amazing way to:

AFFIRM your credibility online and create ADDITIONAL INCOME for you and your business.

Learn How To Launch Your Own Series of Masterclasses To Grow Your Email List & Your Income


Is this you?

I really believe that webinars and masterclasses will TRANSFORM my business & how I show up online but I just don’t know HOW to make it all work.


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Focus 1

Using FREE Webinars as a way to establish your authority within your niche and GROW your email list

Focus 2

Creating PAID webinars (masterclasses & online workshops) and all the juicy behind the scenes of how to actually make it happen

Focus 3

Figuring out WHAT TOPIC of each masterclass/webinar should be by leveraging the power of your audience and your knowledge to find that sweet spot

Masterclass Masterty Workshop Belinda Aramide


In our 60 minutes together we’ll talk about:

The technological componants you need to get started like: where you’ll host it & how, registrations, emails before, during and after your webinar etc.

The tools and online services I use to make my masterclasses successful.

Marketing and sales - getting people interested, signing up and excited to join you!

Annnnd you’ll get an opportunity to ask me questions afterward for clarification if there is anything you feel I’ve missed.

Don’t miss out on your chance to learn how to leverage webinars and masterclasses to position yourself and your business for success!

This webinar IS for:

✅ Entrepreneurs looking to build a more captivated and aligned audience

✅ Individuals looking to build their email list in a new and engaging way

✅ Individuals who want to learn how to monetize sharing their knowledge with their audience

✅ Sales executives with relative creative freedom for how they fill their pipeline

It is NOT for:

Sales executives that work for companies with strict online presence policies

❌ Individuals who are afraid of showing up online

What You’re Going To Get:

  • 60 minutes of jam-packed instruction teaching you all of the above and access to the recording so you can watch it over and over again.

  • A Masterclass Mastery Workbook that’ll help you work through your ideas for crafting the perfect webinars and masterclasses for your audience that will supercharge your influence and help you bolster your income.

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