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LinkedIn & Personal Branding Workshops

Your employees are on social media and whether they like it or not, they are extensions of your company’s are you helping THEM capitalize their personal presence so they highlight the great work they do for your company in a way that positively reflects your companies overall vision?

That’s where my workshops come in.

Employees that have strong personal brands are positive reflections of the companies they work for. When an employee shares a really cool project that they’re excitedly working on or they become a thought leader in their space for a particular subject reflects amazingly on the company they get to work for.

My training teaches employees how to highlight what’s amazing about the work that they do, so they can shine the light on the great work that’s being done at and BY your company.

Companies with strong employee advocates discussing trending topics regularly and positioning themselves as thought leaders help to attract top talent and clients. You see, helping employees have strong personal brands is a win-win for everyone.

Your employees want to be free and empowered to share more about what they do online. Give them the training and the confidence to do so with a customized, on-site, personal branding workshop.

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Types of Workshops Available:

Ignite on LinkedIn: An Introduction - Helping people understand the ‘new’ LinkedIn (it’s more than just a digital resume), why it’s worth using, LinkedIn Profile Optimization, Strategic networking and how to utilize LinkedIn daily for massive career related results.

Ignite on LinkedIn: For More Leads & Visibility - How to build an intentional brand on LinkedIn that results in more leads and more visibility on the platform. Focus is on quick & simple content creation, strategic connecting and advanced direct messaging strategies. Best for those in sales and consulting roles.

6 Steps to Building A Powerful & Intentional Personal Brand - Self-Awareness (who are you, what are you, why you), showcase showdown: showing off without being a show-off, content creation strategies, online etiquette and community building & participation (online and off).

Typical Clients:

Professional Services Industries Including: Legal, SAAS, Human Capital Management & Financial Service providers.


2 - 4 hour and 1 or 2 day options available.

How it works:


Your team and I will discuss the overall company goals and objectives as well as internal and external philosophies. I need to understand the pulse of the company as deeply and broadly as possible so I can create the best workshop experience possible. What are some of the project related work that you’d like your teams to highlight on social media, what are the things that employees need to stay away from broadcasting publically on social media?

We will also discuss what are some of the company reservations about employees being more active on social media and address them. I like everything to be out and on the table early so we can work with and around them as I prepare material for the workshop.


I develop a customized workshop for the particular team that I will be working with focused on their job-related duties and how they can highlight the great work that they’re doing in a way that shines a light on who they are and strengthens their position as a thought leader in the industry.

Finally, it’s showtime…

I come on-site to deliver the half-day workshop.

Employees will get workbooks to jot down notes during the workshop as well as have space to brainstorm ideas afterward for how they want to ignite their personal brand online. These workbooks are their takeaways that they will be able to reference over and over and ensure they get maximum impact post-workshop.


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