Whether it's because you want more eyes on your blog content or you want more people on your companies website because you want it to translate in to sales, Pinterest is the #1 traffic generater for thousands of websites and yours can be one of them, too.

But do you have the time to use Pinterest to it's fullest potential. That's where my Pinterest Brand Management Services come in. No longer will you have to spend hours combing over article after article, pinning image after image, not completely knowing what you're doing.

Even better, let me take this off of your already overscheduled plate so you can focus on the other 101 things on your business or blogs 'To Do' List. Because the 2nd most important thing that my Pinterest Brand Management Services does for you is free up valueable time that you can use to:

  • Create new and exciting content
  • Produce more product from the uptick in sales by having a Pinterest Brand Manager
  • Create new services and products that your customers have been begging your for
  • Finally tackle the administrative work that you've been putting off just trying to figure out how you can benefit from everything that Pinterest has to offer

Why? Because as a business owner and/or content creator, I know you know how valuable time is but how hard it is to find it. Let me take Pinterest off your shoulders. Let me increase the traffic to your website. Be one of those Pinterest success stories that everyone talks about.

Get more people buying your products.
Get more brand collaboration opportunities.
Get more affiliate link income from people buying the amazing products that you suggest.
Get more eyes on your content. 

The potential for your brand is truly limitless when you harness the Power of Pinterest. Let me help you harness it.

How does it work?
We would begin with On-Boarding.
This service includes:

  • A scheduled meeting where you explain what your plans and goals are for your brand moving forwardand how you'd like Pinterest to play a role in that plan
  • Keyword optimization for your profile (Making sure that your profile shows up in searches when people are searching keywords related to your brand)
  • Creation of boards that will draw in ideal type of follower (Includes the creation of board covers, if you’d like them)
  • Business account set up
  • Implementation of growth objectives
  • Deciding the type of growth is aimed for month over month
  • Cleaning up your current boards and/or pins to reflect your brand and attract the ideal type of follower (if applicable – if you are starting a completely new Pinterest account, we will discuss a replacement for this step)
  • Creation of a board specifically highlighting your blog/websites most valuable and popular content
  • Begin the application process for getting onto Group Boards (Which is often a long, arduous process (and why it’s started as close to the beginning of the process as possible) but really help to ensure maximum exposure of your Pins and brand)

Once this is done, it's now time for monthly
Pinterest Profile Management
This service includes:

  • Creation of 2 pins per post including keyword optimization and ensuring pins link directly to specified content
  • The posting of pins to various group boards, making sure to abide by board rules to continue to get exposure for the pins that I pin for you on the board
  • Maintaining profile by creating a rotation of new monthly pins consistently of other pins on the platform
  • Profile curation, making sure that the profile continues to exude a look and feel that is on brand
  • Set up, optimize and monitor your boards via Tailwind account
  • Maintain open communication with anyone leaving a comment on any pins
  • Affiliate link management on Pins making sure that Pins that are created for affiliate link income generation are linked appropriately (blogger service)
  • Continually applying to group boards month-over-month to ensure continued and maximum exposure on the platform
  • Cleaning up any pin keywords when necessary to ensure maximum exposure via search


3-Month, Recurring Partnership: $825 (save $197, on-boarding is free)

Month-to-Month Partnership: $275 + one-time $197 on-boarding fee

Are you ready to start reaping the benefits that Pinterest has to offer?

Think you'll need a bit more?
A La Carte Items
(only available as an add-on for clients that come on board for Monthly Pinterest Management):

  • Pin creation for additional posts over and above the 3 posts/week limit in the all-inclusive pricing - $30 per post (2 pins created per post)
  • Pin creation over and above the 2 pins per post (example, you would like 4 pins per post instead of the standard 2) - $15 per pin
  • Specialized pin project - $50 per pin


* Please contact me for special pricing consideration of you create a high volume of posts for your blog and/or website! *

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