power pitch how to land more clients how to pitch to brands and companies

You know you’ve got it.

A great blog

A banging youtube channel

A poppin’ Instagram page


An absolutely fabulous business


Brands & Companies aren’t reaching out to you.

Money is getting tighter and tighter.

And you’re starting to wonder if you can actually make a decent living doing what you love.

You’re heartbroken because your dream of making money doing what you love is slowly slipping away from you because you can't land those lucrative deals that others seem to just wake up to...

I’ve been there.

It sucks and it’s scary.

But it’s not over...not even close.

Ready to take join us?


I’m going to show you EXACTLY how you can take your power back and make your dreams of working with your ideal brands and business clients an *actual* reality.

Because email is a POWERFUL tool *if* you know how to use it effectively to drum up new and amazing business opportunities for yourself.

Stop Struggling to create awesome content for free and START thriving.

Stop Struggling to generate more business and START getting the types of high paying business clients you've always dreamed of.

#PowerPitch Will Guide You Through:

How To Figure out WHO to work with and reach out to

How to power through finding email addresses so you can spend your valuable time working on your business and crafting deals with your ideal clients

How to actually get your email noticed and *opened* in someone's inbox

How to write the perfect intro email for the different types of decision-makers you'll be reaching out to

The secret sauce --> How to properly follow up to emails that you haven't gotten a reply to or a conversation where the other person has suddenly ghosted you

Curriculum - #PowerPitch - Belinda Laurie Aramide
Curriculum - #PowerPitch - Belinda Laurie Aramide

This course is for you if:

- You're a content creator ready to take being an influencer and entrepreneur seriously

- You're a bossed-up businesswoman ready to let go of worry and have someone as their ally to land those business client deals you know you deserve

- You need to be able to get business owners and brands to see the value you'd bring their companies from partnering with you on projects, services or buying your products

This course isn't for you if:

- You don't have an idea of what you'd be reaching out to brands about. This isn't for those without a fleshed out business or following

- You want to do this passively and aren't fully committed to the process. In order for this to work, you need to commit to this process and yourself for the entire time

powerpitch power pitch how to pitch to brands and companies how to get more clients

Selling doesn't have to feel gross. #PowerPitch will show you how.

****Kick Off Day is September 24th!****

$297 for lifetime access



Frequently Asked Questions:

What's the course format?
5 live-video training modules (replays will be made available if you can't make it live) & 1 thirty-minute private coaching session

Can I join the class if I don't have a business or an established presence online?
This course is designed for those who already have a business or an instagram/youtube/blog where they are already regularly putting up content for an audience (that audience doesn't have to be huge!)

I'll be doing a live masterclass for those in this position, Fall 2018!

When does the course start?

**September 24th is our kickoff day!**

Will you be offering it again?
At this point in time, I don't have any plans of launching this course again until 2019. Enrollment will be closed until that release date so if you want in, now is the time!

How much time will I have to invest?

Each lesson will be between 30-45 minutes and includes time for questions. In additional to the training modules, you should be prepared to dedicate at least an hour or two per day to really get things going and for you to see results. Those who 'show up' by doing the work...win.

What guarantees do you offer?
While I'd love to guarantee your success, I can't. Much like life, you'll get out of this course what you put in. I'll be sharing with you selling strategies that have allowed me to secure millions of dollars in sales for both myself and my clients.