LinkedIn Development for Sales Teams - Belinda Laurie Aramide

LinkedIn Development: For Sales Teams

This is for you if…

✔ You have a sales team that leverages LinkedIn for prospecting...but your team isn’t seeing consistent results in spite of consistent effort.

✔ You have a sales team that you would LIKE to leverage LinkedIn for prospecting...but you and your team have no idea where to start

✔ You need an expert to come in and show your team how to effectively leverage social selling on the worlds #1 Business Social Media Platform

++You have at least 5 reps ready to Ignite on LinkedIn

How it works:

We have a discussion about the who, what, where, when, why of LinkedIn relating to your team. I do a deep dive to understand more about your team dynamic, what’s working and not working and why you’re turning to LinkedIn.



I have a 1-on-1 video meeting with each rep to discuss their LinkedIn profile, their territory, what’s working and not working for them currently in their sales process and how they can comfortably begin creating company appropriate content on LinkedIn that positions them as an authority figure on the platform in your industry. Reps will book their timeslot with me in a window of time that works best for their schedule and eliminates the need to take all of your reps out of commission for a lengthy period of time, all at once.

Post meeting, each rep will get a recording of the call and a video walkthrough of how they can individually improve their profile on LinkedIn.



2-3 weeks later we’ll have a team call (video or in-person) as an accountability check and for reps to answer any questions any of them may have.



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