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After one hour spent with Belinda, I walked away with a kind of clarity about my struggling business that I've been lacking for months. I'm not even sure how she did it. She's like a ninja!

Before our call, she had clearly done her homework--looked at both my profile and website, and put some thought into what she saw there. Then she just started asking me carefully phrased questions and making very specific observations, and next thing I knew, in the process of responding, I realized I already knew what I had to do. That is a rare talent. It's easy enough to just tell somebody what to do, but so much harder to help them tap into answers that are already there. Because wisdom gained in this way tends to carry more weight.

After only one session (complete with homework assignments), I already feel more focused and energized than I have in weeks. If you need help nailing down your sales strategy (first in your head, and then in your actions), then Belinda is the way to go, hands down.